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question Please anwser
cane1 posted:
Is Fibromyalgia related in any form to Sjogren's Syndrome?
And if so,Where can I get information on it?

meesh69 responded:

I do not know anything about this, but I have a suggestion. If you put "Dr. P and FMily" in the subject line you will get a response from the doctor on this one too. I am fairly new but have done this and gotten responses from him. He should know the answer to your question. You will also get responses from anyone else who knows the answer. Good luck.
Booch007 responded:
Cane1.....I am not aware that they are related...but the side effects of our meds yields a diagnosis of it. I was on Cymbalta and was so close to plugs in the tears ducts due to *SS diagnosis....I got off the Cymbalta and my Dry everything is gone.

So, yes you could have the disease...syndrome, but maybe your meds are drying you up?? Look into that, then it is risk and benefit...I chose not to go with the next fix* just so I could take a med that i wasn't sure made me feel better. I got off it.

Good Luck, Nancy B
karenrugs responded:
As a long time sufferer of both, I was told by and given literature by my rhematologist of both syndromes. The symptoms can sometimes overlap and that's perhaps the only relation they have.

You can find info on sjogrens just by typing in sjogrens syndrome in your search bar. Try that.

Hope you feel better.
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fibroinsd responded:
I hope this is helpful

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