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Disability question
deal14 posted:
So I filed a week or so ago and was waiting for my denial so I would then go get a lawyer. Yesterday I get a letter in the mail and a persons card in it saying to contact her specifically this week(she is at the closest SSID office). Also they attach the one form that needs your signature and not too much else info because I already did the rest, and also they need my bank account routing number for direct deposit.... did the rest of you give your bank account info? I know they already have all my other info but it just seems weird because I havent even been approved yet so its weird to me that they want it in advance. I am going to call the person from the card on Monday and ask some questions but curious how this went for you all? Plus it almost makes me feel like is there a possiblity I am going to be approved my first time around? That would be amazing!
Dollbug responded:
Hello......MiMi in NC....I did not sign up for the direct deposit...and I still have not done when I finally got approved....I made copies of the checks....since I knew that they were wrong anyway....and I am glad that I did this....this saved me a lot of time and effort....trying to prove to the system that the amount was incorrect...

I would hope that you might get approved in a week or two....but if I were you....I would not hold my breath on this...
If you do though....I am sure that this would set an alltime record....perhaps the office that you are dealing with knows what both the right and left hands are doing....

I do think that they are making it a requirement to use the direct deposit....or either the money will go on a debit they want to do away with issuing checks....I guess perhaps they think this is a better way....

Good luck and take care....

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
annette030 responded:
As I recall, I had to send a voided check to them with my application so they would have my routing number. It had nothing to do with being approved, just part of the process. I was still turned down twice and had to go before the judge 14 months later to get approved.

Take care, Annette
195552 responded:
I had to send a voided check, also first thing but i hope this is a good sign, be prepared to be turned down though. Find a lawyer if you get turned down, they know what to do, to help you out...........Mary...........>^.~.^<
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hisfaithful1 replied to 195552's response:
I applied online and was asked for my bank info early in the online process. It is in case you are approved they will auto deposit your money.

Sorry, I know how you feel, I can no longer work either, and it is a very difficult process to go through. We know the odds are not too good for being approved first time around, it's probably about 30 to 40 % from what I've read.

I'm making myself expect a denial at first, but I know I will eventually get it. And so will you!

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