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I try not to let the little things bother me, but....
kate20770 posted:
Sometimes I think I'm so overwhelmed that the little, simple things that other people do or say really set me off emotionally, which we know only makes the pain worse. And sometimes, we just need to vent about it to make it a little easier to deal with ;) One of the thousands of reasons I love this board and the people on it, we're all "on the same page" =)

So, in September I went to get an MRI of my entire spine, long story short, I have torn muscles in my hip and shoulder, finally went to a really good Ortho and he said he thinks there is something going on with my spine, could care less about fixing the tears until he saw an MRI of my whole back. So, I get the MRI and call to make my follow up appointment. So I'm talking to woman who does his scheduling and she says "well, he's going to be out of the office for a little over 3 weeks starting next week, but you should be able to come in and see his Assistant for MRI results" So she asks me to hold while she pulls up my info and I stay on hold what seems to be forever. She finally comes back and says "well, I pulled your info and spoke with him and he says that the results came back very extensive and that you must wait to see him, the next appointment he has to see you (out of all 3 offices!) is Oct 28th" What??? How do you say that pretty much my MRI came back with bad news and now I need to wait over a month to see him, was what I thought, but I took the appointment and figured I'd just have to wait. So, on Monday I get a phone call from her saying that now the dr is going to have to be out of the office on the afternoon of my appt and that I have to be rescheduled, they can "fit me in" on Nov 11th! Of course I explained to her that what she said to me makes it sound like I really should of already been in to see the dr and that I really need to get in sooner or I need to be allowed to get a copy of the results (they will only give me a copy of the MRI itself, but not the results unless the dr releases them to me), but nothing, she can't give out information on the results (really, you pretty much already did?!) Ugh, so now I'm on the "wait list" in case someone cancels, but pretty much still waiting to see what this "extensive" report says. I'm just so frustrated. And yes, I've asked too if there is anyone else I can see, even asked my Rhuemy who sent me to this guy, and they just all say "he is the best there is for hundreds of miles, so I suggest you just wait". If the lady would of never said anything about how the report came out or that I HAD to wait to see this guy, it wouldn't even bother me.
Thus, it's the little things that bother me sometimes. Thanks for listening!! Love this Fmily =)
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:

It sounds like you're doing everything right and that you've been patient. I'm sorry for the frustrating delays. (((hugs)))

I hope you're able to get in sooner or, at the very least, he keeps that November 11th appointment!
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
annette030 responded:
I read the whole thing differently than you do. I take it that if he thought there was anything terrible going on, he would not have you wait until he gets back from vacation, he might send you to your rheumy or to another doc but he would not just leave you hanging. He feels he would rather handle it himself than give it over to his asst. that is all.

It wasn't handled well, but I would let it go until he is available.

Take care, Annette

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