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Good Sleep?
lesfm1 posted:
Well ya'll I been doing some reading and found out that melatonin is suppose to help you sleep. I bought some at the drug store. you could either get 1mg or 5mg. Well me being the penny pincher I am I bought the 1mg cause it only cost $4. I took one as directed on bottle. Nothing. So I tried 2. still nothing. Last night I took 4 and I slept better than I have in quit a while. Not great. But definately better. So, for $4 ya'll might think its worth trying. Or the 5mg bottle is $8. I'm sure ya'll like me, you would try a little cow pee if you thought it would help.LOL

jroseland responded:
I've had decent success with melatonin. I usually take 9 mgs. If you're near a Costco, they sell a pretty large bottle for $5-$6, if I remember correctly. They come in 3mgs pills but it seemed to last me a couple months at least.

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