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FibroMitz posted:
Is ringing in the ears a symptom of Firbro? On top of my pain, I have a constant ringing and I can't get rid of it!
jroseland responded:
This question comes up semi-regularly here. Yes, ringing in the ears can come with FM. It can also be caused my medications.

It's often on the lists of less common symptoms of FM. It's one of those things that some have and some don't.

I don't know how to get rid of it, if you can at all. I have had it for so long that I don't notice it often other than it indirectly makes it harder for me to hear people in large crowds or if I can't see their mouths.
FibroMitz replied to jroseland's response:
Thank you! I thought I had an ear infection or something to that effect.
FibroMitz replied to jroseland's response:
The only meds I'm on are Lyrica and Cymbalta. Oh yeah, also Wellbutrin for Depression. Which of these is to blame for the ringing in the ears?
birdlegg responded:
Ringing in ears, which tone. My ears ring in different tones, or should I say levels. I do not take any of the meds. your on, but it could be from mine!
angelldakota responded:
Hi... I have had ringing in my ears for so long I can't remember when I didn't... It got worse as my fibro progresses... Sometimes I can'
t hear people talking to me... They think I need a hearing aid lol... I think I need new ears... They have checked my ears and haven't come up with anything yet... Even passed a hearing test... But it was on a good day and it wasn't as loud... leave it to me...

I hope you improve and or they can find something to help you... If they do let us know what helps...

take care... bless you... luv.. jan/angelldakota
ValarieW77 responded:
I have ringing in my ears ALOT of the time. And yes it is one of the symptoms but not all that common. But I never had it be consistant and never go away.

You may still want to check with your doctor on this just incase of any infection etc.

Take care
emkay912 responded:
I have the ringing most of the time, but it seems to be worse when I'm feeling bad - headache / flare, etc.

I take Tramadol / Ultram and Meloxicam / Mobic, but cannot be sure there is a link. It is bothersome, but I just try to ignore it. :-) Good luck!
KatmanduLou responded:
I've had ringing since the car crash that triggered my FM. I saw an ENT, who said I had excess fluid and offered to put tubes in my ears - the same they'd to with a little kid who had ear infections. It sounded scary, so I said no. My yoga teacher talks about having crystals in the ear, and having my chiro do something. That sounds scary too.
jroseland replied to KatmanduLou's response:
I don't know specifically which meds can cause ringing in the ears, I just know that some do. If you think it might me a med, make sure to check the usually long list of side effects that comes with them. Also, it can help to compare with other people taking the same meds.
bjskis responded:
I thought ringing was a symptom of fibro. Isn't it?
An_199538 replied to bjskis's response:
Not necessarily, it can be a symptom of several things, should always check with Dr on these things, especially if its a new problem area.
FibroMitz replied to bjskis's response:
When nobody knew what I had and one doc suggested that I MIGHT have Fibro I went and found a book called "Fibromyalgia for Dummies" and in the book it did mention that the ringing in the ears is a symptom of Fibro. This book is very helpful! I keep it sitting near my bed and read it to help me sleep when I can't.

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