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cjh1989 posted:

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Wolfsong452 responded:
thing is I've had 2 car accidents,

also, I was aviding riding horses for years.

Yet, I also asked my friend, how long has she known me where I HATED TO BE TOUCHED.

We always thought it was a thing learned from my father, who also hates to be touched.

Could be being a 6 week premature baby be considered trauma?

cjh1989 replied to Wolfsong452's response:

im not sure it could be a possibliry from what i know fibro is still very much a mystery
the reason i asked about trauma is bcause between the people on my feed after asking a question ( fibro questions) pretty much everyone has had a car wreck and who didn't still had some sort of trauma and i also found this website where they did a study on this i found very helpfull and i thought i should share

i found this website to be helpfull in ways i don't know how reliable it is i just googled fibro and car wreck and read that that there could be a link there is also more on this page i belive about

i couldn't leave you hanging thinking about being premature could play a factor so i looked it up and at this website i found that it could be a factor
and if you look to the right when you get on the page at the poll it seems that you wouldn't be the only one

im not saying anything does or doesn't play a factor or why you have firbo im just trying to give the best information possible with the information i found

hope this helps you
Dollbug replied to Wolfsong452's response:
Hello Wolfsong.....MiMi in NC....I did want to comment to your post....I have been in several car wrecks...and I also had the carpal tunnel problems...and when I had the first left hand surgery and was in a cast for over 9 weeks....this is when I first got really sick....

So perhaps this was a combination of things for me....since I got the carpal tunnel, lost a relative, had surgery, lost my job and was going through menapause, and then lost my dad on top of this and was also fighting a horrible lawsuit...about my aunt's yes....I would say that mine was a combination of things...instead of just one thing....

Good poll but since I have muliple things I am not going to participate in it....thanks though for sharing...

Take care..

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
cjh1989 replied to Dollbug's response:

i plan on making a better one this one is more specifc and doesn't cover everyone as much since alot of people do have multipule things

i just think its interesting in how many peolpe have had some sort of trauma wheater it be physical physiological or both in so many people that have fibro
Dollbug replied to Dollbug's response:
Sorry ladies.....MiMi in NC....I think that I looked at this incorrectly or I was just having one of the "fog moments" that I have a lot.....I do not understand exactly how I did this...

But is interesting....

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
japs136 replied to cjh1989's response:
cjh1989...Thank you for the links you provided. I to was a preemie. Born at 7 months back in 1980. I also have had whip lash twice within the last 3 years. The last time being Nov 2009. The pain that I feel bacame much worse only months after my last neck injury. I found your post to be very helpful. Thank you!! I hope it helps others out there as well.
cjh1989 replied to japs136's response:

you're welcome i thought everyone should know like i said i don't know how reliable it is but show's some light from the poll that it is a possiblity
frenchiesu responded:
I had a lot of things, but the most devastating was having and then losing a severely handicapped child. It was extremely stressful on a daily basis as well as the trauma of his birth and death. I was diagnosed with fibro several years later, altho I'm not sure i wasn't "developing" it earlier as I had the delightful experience of it all being in my head for some time.
THIS type of treatment from doctors is traumatic enough. I'm surprised it doesn't make us all 25% worse right off the bat, don't you agree?
cjh1989 replied to frenchiesu's response:

yeah, i belive the whole in your head thing is MOSTLY bs because in most people it's not in there head in a very small group of people it may be in there head (chances are its not ) one of my doctor's is playing off the "anxiety and depression" thing witch i've had anxiety and OCD disorder since i was little but no real depression and most of the annxiety and depression now is from the pain plus i've never met a person with anxiety disorder that limps when they walk when there 21 unless something else is wrong and i been having pain for 2 years and well it makes more since it's from my car wreck than anxiety alone since that was around the same time

i would agree everything you said it being traumatic my poll is kind of limited at this time i plan on making a better one that would cover more people to see if there is more possiblity's in how this happen's to people
TitanandAndy2 replied to cjh1989's response:
I found that surgeries and whiplash both seem to play a part in my Fibromyalgia. I started feeling differently at the age of 4 years. The traumas at that age were my father going to fight in WWII and moving from Florida to Atlanta to live with my grandmother, my uncle Robert coming home from the war with injuries and he too moved in with my grandmother. He was very stressed, couldn't digest food, had depression and all of the classic symptoms of fibromyalgia. He handled everything with drinking. My mother was very distant after she went to work, divorced Daddy after the war, and didn't tell us. I kept waiting for him to come home. She then married someone who was mean to me and my sister. I couldn't gain weight as I should as still weighed 87 pounds when I married. I always had migraine headaches. I have had three cars run into the back of mine when I was at a light which caused a lot of neck pain. The third child that I had brought on a tremendous flareup of Fibromyalgia which was first diagnosed as depression and then Rheumotoid Arthritis when I was 31 years old. I got it in remission ten years later with diet and exercise. Then the return of the terrible pain again after I had neck surgery in 2000. The neurosurgeon told me the neck fusion caused stress on my body or the fear of the surgery could have started it up again but I am fighting it every day. Winter wears me out because of the darkness. I want to lay in bed if the pain isn't bad because once I get up the pain is unbearable.. I have inoperable arthritis in my spine, but would never have spinal surgery again even if I had the option. Yes, I am anxious and have been nearly all of my life. Has anyone else had fibromyalgia this young after traumas in their life?
HaleyAnn711 responded:
I've been in 7 car wrecks. I've also been a 3 abusive relationships. To add to it I was a very accident prone child and broke many bones including my back at 12 years old. I was also disgnosed with post tramatic stress disorder at 13 years old.

I've heard about trama bringing on FM but there's so many theories on the causes it's hard to know what is true.

I have been suffering from FM symptoms since my young teen years and was disgnosed with it only about a year ago. The time frame of my trama does somewhat match up with the time the symptoms started....
msm40 responded:
I think I have had Fibromyalgia most of my life as my mother did, but everything hit like a "load of bricks" after a complicated hystorectomy 20 years ago. The fatigue, especially in my neck and upper back, as well as all over completely laid me low. I was told that it would take twice as long as "normal" to recover from my surgery but I didn't expect THIS. A year later my neck ached so much I thought I would need a neck brace. Gentle stretching, lots of rest, and time helped, but I have never been the same. It took me a week to do a days work (someone said that's not so bad, you used to do 4 days work in a day!!), but It has not gotten better and the pain has gotten worse. Most of my pain is now under control, but I cannot work like I used to or I PAY for it.

Trauma does seem to trigger the major symptoms. My daughter's trigger was a car accident when she was 8 months pregnant. Her son survived and is a healthy 22 yr old who is now serving in Afghanistan, but she has suffered pain ever since, starting in her back (she had a cracked pelvis) and has now affected her whole body. She has been unable to work the past 5 years or so.

Genetics also must play a role in some cases - she is the third generation in our family.
momhusky replied to msm40's response:
I believe it is a factor due to the fact that right before I had my sym. I lot my mother to cancer, my fav. uncle to heart attact and then with in two months, had to have cervical surgery and rotro. cuff surgr. the when back to work and on my first day back I found out that my compny was moving oversea's. so. Thru i all I started having pains, and have had them ever since.
kmc1218 responded:
Although I posted a vote for abuse, I have actually had abuse as a child and in a marriage AND was injured in an armed robbery...dumb luck, I guess :O)

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