Eye Issues With Fibro
Zeeni posted:
It has taken years, but I've finally been diagnosed with fibro and am just realizing why I have all these symptoms. My questions is this: How many of you have eye problems? I am having blurry vision, red, irritated eyes and sometimes with broken blood vessels. Is this a symptom of fibro? If so, is there something that can be done? I'm getting to where I can hardly see to read. Any advise is appreciated.
JERRIAYN responded:
I also am having the same symptoms.The optometrist told me I was having beginnings of cataract and the opthamologist said it was extremely dry eye from sjorgens syndrome! artificial tears 5x daily.
An_199604 responded:
Try the "eye oniment", I use it and it is wonderful. I use it twice a day; moring & before bed.
An_199605 responded:
Hi Zeeni,

I found a previous discussion about vision problems that I think you will find very interesting. The link is below.

http://forums.webmd.com/3/fibromyalgia-exchange/forum/16955?@680.c5cgaPhEmbK @

Merry Christmas!
m_davis responded:
I started Savella in Oct of 2009. I febr 2010, I went to the eye doctor, because of some eye problems. My prescription did not change much. I have had problems with my eyes, off and on all year now. Dry, itchy, painfull, head aches, etc... I went back to him at different times. He says I have Ocular Rosacea. I use a gel at night, before bed. Eye drops when needed, and I am taking Doxycycl HYC 50mg, daily. (he says it is an antibiotic) I finally got the tear duct eye plugs, which help, but the eyes have bad days yet. I have to stay out of wind, inside and out. Sometimes sunlight bothers, so wear wrap around sunglasses. Chemical smells can bother my eyes, so I am careful of what I use, and my hubby gets upset when something bothers me, that he is using.