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lazy or fibro fatigue?
1wareaglefan posted:
Good morning, All.....forgive me if I've posted this before, but I guess every now and then this thought rears its ugly head. I feel like I've become such a lazy person, since fibro. Well, we all know how slowly we have to get started in the mornings due to pain and stiffness. Then if I accomplish 1 or 2 things in a day, I'm done! I've also come to enjoy my daily early afternoon "rest time." I don't always go to sleep, but just like to lie down and relax for about an hour.

I guess I just feel guilty and like sometimes life is passing me by. I used to be pretty active, I thought. I had such plans and dreams for retirement....things I wanted to do for others, etc. Now I hardly make plans or commit to anything much due to not knowing how I'll be feeling from one day to the next.

I guess I'm just venting here....thanks for those of you who take the time to read this, and to those who respond. Part of my problem is that my husband just retired last week, and I'm trying to adjust to that!

Thanks and take care......Elizabeth
angelswife responded:
Hi Elizabeth---I understand perfectly. It is frustrating to have the desire to do things coupled with a body that refuses to cooperate!
I have such lists in my head when I wake up in the morning. Then I sit to have breakfast; and before I know it a couple of hours have gone by and I've gotten nothing done at all. All I do is sit there. I feel both frustrated and angry at myself for being so "lazy"; but the reality is, the fatigue can be crushing.

This is the hardest part of the Fibro for me to accept---I was just dxed in November and am still trying to find the right combination of things to manage it. I get really scared about my future sometimes because I own a Landscape Construction business and am used to putting in 60-hour workweeks. I don't know yet what will happen. My husband is retiring this year too (he is older than I am) and after that I will need to earn enough income to support both of us. I picked a lousy time to get sick!

Ah, well---not trying to burden you. But I really do understand. Having someone retire can be a huge adjustment and more stressful than we realize. I am trying to plan for that now so I won't be blindsided by it. Good luck---sending soft hugs your way. :-)
1wareaglefan replied to angelswife's response:
Thank you, Angelswife. The main reason I posted that was to hear somebody else say, "it's not just you....I feel that way, too!"

You're a "babe" to fibro....I've been dx for 2 1/2 years now. I really had a rough grieving time. You'll be glad you found this spot with these dear people who understand.

Again, thanks for responding. Have a good day! Elizabeth
vjt56 responded:
don't feel bad about taking care of your self. I was dx 14 years ago. There are a lot of things you will have to deal with having fibro.
Today I am having a good day yesterday was hell. i am enclosing a link that helped me a lot.
Try to remember you are not alone
NeNe_11 responded:
I understand completely & sympathize as well. It is almost impossible to commit to anyhing & when I do, I always end up stressed out about whether or not i'll be able to follow through. It is easier to say "no" to everything & everyone, that way I am less stressed out, & I dont let anyone down. But then I stress about the fact that I always say "no" to participating in anything! Argghh!!! This illness is so frustrating.

Im ready to lye down with the heating pad as my pain is really high these days.

I hope your day gets better..Denise
jroseland replied to NeNe_11's response:
Along with everyone else, I can say I understand and have similar thoughts--often. I'm only 28 but have dealt with chronic pain and fatigue since childhood. I am still struggling with trying to make my life feel meaningful. My very limited energy goes to the necessities: working, cleaning, cooking, etc. I have had to give up a lot and make a lot of changes because of FM.

What can actually help is having a good day. Every time I have a good day--and they are few and far between--I realize just how crummy I felt the rest of the time. I think I get used to feeling so bad that I start thinking it's the norm but then I have a better day and realize what I've been dealing with. It usually helps ease any guilt I may have been feeling about not doing enough!

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