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auntdee1948 posted:
I was diagnosed with fibro several years ago . I also have RA and depression I was in a wreck in September and I have not worked since then. I am having a lot more pain. I am having trouble finding a fibro friendly doctor. I live in West texas. My son also has it and had to get out of the military because of it. It is nice to know there is support out there for us.
1wareaglefan responded:
Welcome, Auntdee.....I'm glad you've found us! I also have depression and osteoarthritis along with my fibro. The doctor who helps me the most is my family doctor. He seems to be willing to work with me about trying what I've researched and asked him about. It's also a trial and error process to find the right combination of meds.

You can go on fibromyalgia websites and find a listing of fibro doctors in your area. I hope you do find some help! Meantime, keep coming here, because you'll learn a lot, plus get the support and understanding we need.

Take care and good luck.....Elizabeth
auntdee1948 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
Here it is 2 in the morning can't sleep again this is everynight. I know we need rest but how do you get it. I don't want to take pain meds all the time . Does a natural sleep aid help I have tried a couple but no luck. I take so many pills now it is crazy. My youngest daughter saw my pills the other day and said it looked like a pharmacy.
mjeg1940 responded:
I have had fibro for about 16 years. I have found that the best way to deal with fibro is to find a health care person who knows about fibro. I have a nurse practioner, who is very willing to work with me, and is very knowledgable. When you get the meds that are right for you, go about your life as if there is no pain, and the pain will be much better. Walking is a very good exercise, also for fibro. It really helps..Try to avoid as many emotional upsets and confortations as you can. They make fibro much worse. I hope you get a handle on your fibro.Best wishes.
1wareaglefan replied to auntdee1948's response:
Dear Auntdee....I'm so sorry you're not sleeping. There are many things available to help with that. Antidepressants help with sleep and mood. Some are actually prescribed for sleep, like trazadone. I don't know if you've tried a muscle relaxer at night or ambien? They also help with sleep.

Talk to your doctor about the options available for you. For me, the 2 most important things I have to have are a good mood and quality sleep. If those 2 things are taken care of, then it helps with my pain. But I also take a low dose pain pill twice a day. It helps me to carry on a pretty normal life. Without it, I'd be unable to move around and get out.

Please talk to your doctor and let him know that what you're taking right now isn't working. But again, I think sleep is one of the most important things.

Take care....let us know how you're doing......ELizabeth

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