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Good Morning FMily
Rozzy12 posted:
Hello FMily,

I see that people have missed me being on here... So, I am going to do my best to post here... A lot of us our on Facebook and it is easier sometimes but, this is also a place where you can say anything or help and people understand.... I see there are new people that I don't know here... To all of you I hope you know what a great place this is for support and knowledge this is where I first came over two years ago when I was lost,scared, angry, confused, and the wonderful people on here help me through some bad times.... I am sorry we all had to meet like this however, I have met some of the most amazing,kind,caring, people here and on facebook that I truly consider my family... I hope this day finds you in a low pain one... Have a blessed day!!


fibroinsd responded:
So glad to see you back....!!!! cece
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
1rmouse responded:
Rozzy, So glad you checked back in with us. I know a lot of the FMily is using FB to keep in touch. And FaceBook is a nice place where we really can 'talk' more in depth and can be candid, where as here, we can't really.
But I really like this site because the info and suggestions here have medical persons adding solid info that doctors use or know about. So a good thing really.
I hope you repost again as this site just isn't the same without you.
Soft hugs going out to you.
Linda R. : )

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