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    the "trauma trigger"?
    edsfibro posted:
    My doctor agrees with the concept of the trauma trigger as far as a cause for my fibro and it makes sense to me too but I'm curious... My specific trauma (among many emotional ones or simple clumsiness) was 6 years ago when I was burned in a flash fire when burning weeds. 27% of my body (pretty much my legs and partial arms) was severely burned. The blast sent me rolling across the yard and in addition to the cuts and bruises I also sprained both ankles. I have pretty my felt pain constantly since that day (of varying degrees of course). Since then I have also been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in in my neck, mid back, and lower back as well as both knees.
    I guess my question is: Would my trauma be my cause or just my trigger? I ask because although nothing in comparison, I have had unexplained back and hip pain since my teenage years (I'm 38 now). I was constantly told that my pain was imagined. So could I fall in the genetic category for my cause? Or the trauma? I realize the pain is here to stay but trying understand these things makes me feel like I might be accomplishing something.
    angelswife responded:
    I think my "trigger" came last winter when I had a bout of viral meningitis---I never really got better after that. But I've had intermittent pain and fatigue since my early 20s. (I'm 43 now)

    A lot of people who have Fibro have had major trauma in their lives, myself included. There has been a lot of research done on this and there seems to be a definite link between the two. It can also be genetic. There are people here, including Dr. P, who can explain it a lot better than I can right now, and I'm sure they'll chime in. But this at least gives you something to start with. Hope it helps. :-)
    Wildannie responded:
    I think mine started back in 2006 when I had cancer surgery and my father died (unexpectedly) on the same day. However, it started with a vengence when I had walking pneumonia in January of 2009. I was also going through a breakup of a long-term relationship. I would sleep over 20 hours a day. They were sure it was just depression (there was an element of it but it certainly wasn't the entire problem).

    I COMPLETELY agree with you about the trauma trigger. I was always very active prior to the 2006 events. After that happened, I remember living for the weekends, where I would sleep all weekend to get rest. After the 2009 incident, I had to leave my job after trying to work for 10 months and only managing very part-time.
    An_199716 responded:
    Hi Edsfibro,

    This is a topic of high interest for me. There are many different thoughts about the cause of fibro.

    Fibro has a genetic origin. Then trauma (of any kind) during your life time triggers it to whole new higher levels of pain.

    The posts below will take you to a prior discussions about the cause of Fibro and it includes very good posts by Dr. Pellegino! @ @

    I think this will answer all of your questions!
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello edsfibro and welcome.....MiMi in NC....I really do not think anyone will truly ever know what or how we get the wrath of the dragon.....but regardless, we have "it" and we have to deal with "it".....I do know that "it" is a very ugly and mean illness....but there are all sorts of "tools and tips" that a person can find to help one cope better....

    I continue to hope that one day the medical researchers will just find a cure for "it".....and I also hope and pray that my children and grandchildren never have to experience the pain and suffering that "it" brings.....

    I do know exactly when I got sick....and there were all sorts of things going on with me at the time....and I have not been the same person since....nor do I think I will ever be the person I once I try to do what I can, when I can and how I can to "control the FM pain that I have"....and so far...with vitamins and supplements and by doing other things as well....I am doing so much better than I did in the beginning...

    So I do know that there is hope for all of us out does take a trial and error process which does take time....and I also know that there are no quick fixes....but I do know that when you "find the right combination of things" that you will know is almost like you again see the dim light at the end of the tunnel get brighter again....which is a nice relief...

    I would encourage you to be sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level...which is so important for a lot of us FMers....low Vitamin D does cause additional pain and it is common in a lot of people....this is a simple blood test...but you MUST ASK the doctor to do it is not one of the common things that they include in the bloodwork that is done.,...

    I can assure you also that your pain is very real....we do not imagine it....but it does have something to do with our brain....(a lot of people believe that it is all just in our heads-which is partly true) ....and I know that accepting "it" is important also...along with learning how to pace, pace and pace....and we can no longer cross the line....because if we do, then we will surely pay for doing so...

    I hope that you will also check out the info under "Tips" and "Resources" that you will find to the right of this will find some good tools and tips that you might want to try...that may or may not help we are all different...
    and if something does not work...then you must remember that we FMers must keep on keeping on....until we find something that helps us cope better...

    Take care and good luck...

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    RIVERGIRL1952 responded:
    My Husband has been going to doctor after doctor,for Headaches,Stomach problems,Pain all over, and Sleep problems for two yrs and has just been told he has Fibromyalgia. This all started about the same time he fell and broke is left shoulder. Yesterday he found out he also my have came down with it due to ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER, it seems he was bitten by a tick that gave this to him. The symptoms are almost identical to Fibro, he is now being treated for both problems. At least the spotted fever can be cured.
    angelldakota responded:
    Hi... Welcome... I too had trauma... back in 1982 I became paralyzed due to nerve damage and muscle damage... I had the pain since then but was diagnosed with every thing but... They also said that it was done by the terrible beating I took the night before... so terrible I was taken to the er... but couldn't turn him in for he would have killed someone... me or my children... and that threat was for real... He blew up the woman's shelter front door 2 weeks later... I was there for a support meeting... then they caught him and put him in jail... a whole 4 months... and he came right after me again...

    I was abused 20 years... and that was thru my childhood and adult hood till I was 25... I took enough beatings to make me the gymp I suddenly was... It took 10 months to walk again...

    I always ask tho... did the egg come before the chicken or the chicken before the egg... What about FM... the trigger or the FM...

    I don't know anymore...
    Take care... Bless you... Love in Christ... Jan
    elizabeth1304 responded:
    My trigger came over 14 years ago when I had my second child. I was 36 years old at the time and thought the delivery went fine. I started having problems before I even came home from the hospital but was told things like second baby makes the uterus contract more etc., etc. etc..
    I called several times and even went in to be checked (did nothing but talk). Finally, on my two week checkup, the doctor came in and I burst in to tears. After sonogram, discovered five inches of placenta had been left in me. Went in to surgery and told all would be well but infection got in my bloodstream. Got incredibly sick! I had already suffered from trauma when my mother died and I was only ten years old. So I wonder too. What caused this? I did have so much trauma from my mom dying but not the pain. Have been in pain every day of my life since my daughter was born. Any thoughts on this??? Oh so confusing, but like MiMi says, whatever the reason we do not know. But what we do know is we have it and we have to deal with it.

    Beth in AL
    Wolfsong452 responded:
    I agree, it's hard to tell if it's totally genetic, or caused by trauma.

    I was a premie baby, when I was born, 4 lbs. 3 oz. I was also a breech birth.

    Guess I wanted to land on my head!

    I've been riding horses, where I've fallen off, some really big OUCHES!

    I was also in a accident whrere I flipped and rolled the car. Then 13 years after that, I was in another 3 car accident. Very traumatic with this one.

    Talk about family problems, gall bladder, carpel tunnel, you name it.

    I was offically dx in 2007. All thanks to a great physical therapist that I had, who told me I should be checked out. Not that she said what she thought it was, (not allowed to do this)

    also, a neighbor came down with it, and we had a long talk about whether I had it.

    My mother has been told that she had FM, yet, she has so many other things wrong with her, it's hard to tell on any given day, what exactly is hurting, and why. Even her mood swings could be assorted other things.

    it's kind of a bummer, when you have something, and can't tell where it's coming, from, or why!

    As others have said, not that it really helps knowing what causes it, or why it's hurting, all we know is we want something DONE!!!

    juscallmemom responded:
    I, too, have had mysterious pain off and on my whole life. I have been diagnosed with IBS, PMS, helicobacteri pylori, ulcers, depression, etc, etc. But I think mine got worse after I became pregnant. It's been since my second pregnancy that I just haven't felt well for any extended period of time. I hated being pregnant. I felt awful all the time. -- I do love my kids though :) and I wish I had been brave enough to have more -- But pregnancy just knocked me flat and I have had a hard time feeling normal since. Anyone else? I was, finally, diagnosed with fibro three years after my son was born.

    I have started taking a complex vitamin, vitamin d and folic acid lately and I haven't been feeling as tender and raw though. (Thank God, I hope it lasts)

    I hate talking about the fibro with anyone I know because I'm afraid they'll not believe me about how painful it is. Anyone else?
    melindacm responded:
    Wow. Yeah, I think that Fibro is something like a dormant disease that can burst onto the scene by a traumatic event. I think mine started when my mom was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. She succumbed to the disease last April, leaving me kind of in charge of my Dad who has many health issues. She was only 60, and he is only 60 as well. I think she might have had Fibro, and it's possibly my Dad could have, too.

    Point is, I'm only 29, but I feel like I'm as old as my parents. I don't think I've fully accepted that I'm going to be in pain the rest of my life and have to limit my activities. Try doing that with 3 kids, 2 1/2, 5, and 8 1/2, a very unhealthy dad, a husband, maybe moving in 6 months, etc. Oh, and exercise, can someone please tell me that they actually get relief with it, b/c I have yet to find it. I've barely started, but it just plans hurts before, during and afterwords.

    So, I believe the genetic and trigger theory both. Thanks.

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