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Do you have trouble with your Potassium level?
CritterLoverJS posted:
Through another posts thread Blueyes1005 and I both realized we had trouble keeping our potassium levels up. I also have trouble with B12 and VitamineD. Blueyes1005 does not. Our doctors don't know why the potassium is low and it isn't something normally related to FM. We were wondering how many of you out there with FM have trouble low potassium? Anyone besides the 2 of us?
4trax responded:
When I ended up in the E.R., and they did all the bloodwork and full urinalysis, my potassium level was also low. Not really sure why, since I eat well, but all it took was 2 bananas a day to raise it into the "normal" range and keep it there. I've always taken Flaxseed Oil pills, so my vitamin B levels are all fine. Not sure about vitamin D though.
vinnie02 responded:
Just had a physical today and my Potassium is low and have to take a potassium pill. Second time for me. Also have elevated CRP. I have FM and CFS...

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