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Hi I am new to the site
carissaf posted:
I just became a member and if anyone reads my story and has any helpful points I would really appreciate it. Also if you have anything you want to discuss, I would gladly. I don't have any friends who really understand what I am going though and am looking for someone who does. I have pain daily it does not come and go. Some days are definatly worse than others but there is never a day where I feel like I used to.
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Is it possible to have fm as a teen? I have suffered with problems since I was a teen, but things definatly have progressed greatly since then.
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TCL38 responded:
My daughter has had FM since she was 11 years old but was not diagnosed until 16 years old which was about three months after I was diagnosed. She's now 17 years old. She goes to cosmotology school full-time. It's tough but she does it. She doesn't let FM stop least not for very long.

Fibromyalgia is not progressive.

I hope that helps.

angelldakota responded:
Hi and Welcome... I am glad you are here... Yes unfortunately FM does hit all ages... it isn't prejudice at all... of ages... of races... of men or women... it picks whoever it chooses... without discrimination...

I too have pain 24/7... and flares that are much worse... but some of my meds and things I have learned here in the members toolbox have helped too... look for it under resources or tips... they are to the right of this... also read nutrition and vitamins... and get your dr to check your vitamin d for it might be low and it causes more pain in us sometimes...

well hun... I have to go rest... I hope to see you post soon... post often...

It is nice to have a new friend...
Take care... Bless you... Love in Christ... Jan
jroseland replied to angelldakota's response:
I wasn't diagnosed at the time but I definitely had FM as a teen and I believe even earlier. For me, I think it is completely genetic, since I never had a severe trauma. I also have had sleeping disorders since I can remember.

I also have pain everyday. I believe it's because I did have FM so long without treatment. Some people I know with FM have flares, but otherwise live pretty normally. My flares are just a matter of the pain/fatigue going from bad to worse.

And even though I had a lot of pain as a teenager, it definitely has become worse. I think that has to do with having more pressure of just being an adult. Also, the duration I have dealt with this pain makes it difficult.

I hope you can find some comfort and support in this site.
carissaf replied to jroseland's response:
Thank you for your reply. I had drs tell me that it was growing pains, etc. and that it would go away. My pain now is alot worse than when I was a teen, but I have been though alot mentally and physically since then. I have heard yes and no that fm does not progress, but it definatly is more extreme than it was ten yrs ago. I will definatly visit this site daily, it has already brought me comfort to read that others are going through the same thing that I am, alot even have alot more extreme symptoms than me and puts me in perspective that others are out there making it in more pain than I. I pray that God gives me the strength and patience everyday to push on and lead the best life that I can. Thank you
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1wareaglefan responded:
Hello and welcome, Carissaf....I just read your story. I'm so sorry you're going through so much and have been since such a young age. Fibro stinks, doesn't it?

I'm glad you've found this site, though. I know you'll find it very helpful. For me, just having people who felt what I did and understood...there's something so comforting in that.

It makes me feel better to come here everyday and check in. I also like to encourage others. I feel that if I can at least make someone else feel a little better, then maybe it's worth the pain. I do so want to help others. I thought I was going to have a "big ministry" when I retired from teaching....well maybe this is it! I don't know. I surely don't feel like doing much else. (I'm right with you on the housecleaning)!

ANyway....we're glad you've joined us. Read all you can about fibro, and you'll discover things that will help.

God bless you.....Elizabeth
An_199767 replied to carissaf's response:
Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with this disease as well and I am new to the group. It seems that fibromyalgia is becoming a growing epidemic. I had worked in the medical field, in a clinic at a hospital. I noticed alot of women coming in with this DX, and seeking comfort, yet to my surprise I overheard one of our head nurse practioners state: There is no such disease, this is is a DX made up due people like these woman making this up in their heads, they are wanting pain medication and their not getting it here. I had minor symptoms of this now painful disease, and had not yet been diagnosed. Within the last 4mths I have developed swelling hands and fingers to the point that it feels like if I bend my fingers they are going to break. Every time I turn my head, I hear a noise that sounds like plastic being crumbled. I used to think this was caused by a car accident I had yrs ago and it was the response of a pinched nerve. How wrong I was, my physician thought I had arthritis in my hands, I went with her DX, but never really believed that it was from that. I also have a friend who was DX 3 yrs ago, she now receives disability from her SX. What is odd though, is her platlet count, as mine, is very low. I have been wondering if there are others out there with the same problem. I am not one to take medication, yet some days I don't feel I can complete simple tasks. I wish you some comfort, and I found that a bit additional pottasium helps relieve some of my pain.
carissaf replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
I feel as you do, I want to help and learn at the same time. Thank you for your response. I have found this site to be very threaputic for me to just to read about what others are going though and that I am not alone with these problems. Talk to you soon :)
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