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does anyone else have a strong heartbeat (not fast) that they can continually feel in other parts of their body?
sssfletcher posted:
For about a week or so now, from the time when I wake up, I can constantly feel my heart beating. It's not fast or out of rhythm, but just feels like it is beating strong and I can feel it in my face, my hands, my chest. It is even waking me up throughout the night. It makes me nervous.... I talked to a friend of mine who is a PA and she said she thinks it is likely tied into the fatigue and also anxiety. However, I don't feel anxious until the feeling starts...and then it just feels creepy...ya know???

Anyone else deal with this?
Pixe5 responded:
Are you on any meds that might be causing your problem?
sssfletcher replied to Pixe5's response:
nothing...i take absolutely nothing!!
squarley responded:
I do have this to ,even when I am just watching tv,its scary ,I sit and take my paulse on my wrist,but my heart is not beating fast. My doctor said it is my anxiety .I take xanx and it helps,but get it checked out to make sure. I had every test to make sure that's all it was. so good luck ,light hugs Squarley
sssfletcher replied to squarley's response:
Thanks Squarley!! I think you are right.....seems that when I am preoccupied with something that I don't notice it nearly as much.....and the xanax also seems to be reducing it....ugh!!! The joy of all this junk!!! :)
cremmepuff responded:
I've had this too, even before I was dx with Fibo.
My doctor says I have a strong heartbeat but there is nothing wrong with my heart.
Still like you it can cause me be to be concern.

When I'm have a flare I can really feel it, because of the throbbing pain.

Don't if this helps you, but at least your not alone.


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