Help for FMS
An_199802 posted:
I was diagnosed with FMS in 2001. In 2003 I started taking a medication called Low Dose Naltrexone, a medication not approved by the FDA for FMS, but for some reason it helps. The dose that seems to work best is 3.5mg however it does take about 6-8 weeks to get into your system. Everyone I have suggested this medication to seems to be in some form of FMS arrest. Go to their web site. and read what it says. It might help you.
Pixe5 responded:
Hi Anon,

I tried that drug a few years ago, but I think I didn't give it a good trial period. I'd like to know if it works for chronic fatigue, also.

I suggest that you also post this on our "tips" page.

Thank you for the info!

janedurkin responded:
Is that subutex or suboxone
Pixe5 replied to janedurkin's response:
Hi Jane,

I'm lost. I don't what you are asking. Maybe you can explain it so that we can help you.