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to Dr. P concerning vitamin
elizabeth1304 posted:
Dear Dr. P,
What is considered a normal vitamin D level? Mine is somewhere around 12. I am taking 50,00 units of Vitamin D weekly and even though my dr told me it would take awhile to "kick in", I can already feel the deep leg pain that by the way drives me INSANE is improving. Also, I have severe headaches and disc disease in my neck (2 surgeries). I cannot stand all of this pain without taking hydrocodone. Can you explain the difference between addiction and dependency?
Beth in AL
angelswife responded:
Hi Beth,
I'm not Dr. P, but I can offer my own thoughts. Hope they help a little.

From what I've learned, a "normal" Vitamin D level can be anywhere from 30-100. But even 30 is considered low in a lot of people, especially those of us with Fibro. Vitamin D3 seems to work best as a supplement, as this is the type our bodies produce naturally.---Make sure to check some of the other posts---there has been a lot of talk about D lately. Read the posts by Dollbug (Mimi) especially---she is considered our resident expert on the subject.

As for dependency vs addiction: my own take is, dependency is when you need something to help you get through a bad day but you don't need it every single day. Addiction happens when whatever you need is all you can think about; you come up with dishonest ways to get it (or you fake pain to get more); you panic when you don't have it, and you go through withdrawl if you miss one dose. Remember though that this is just my definition---I'm sure other people will contribute their own thoughts on the subject. :-)

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