padkinspsme posted:
I'm surprised that no one mentioned a hot bath. I'm newly diagnosed, but feel I've had FM for over 15 years...and I practically LIVE in the bathtub!! When I can't sleep, I get in the tub. When I ache more than usual...the tub. And when the cold gets to me, the only thing that warms me to the core is a hot bath. Hope this suggestion helps!
1wareaglefan responded:
Hey...I would LOVE a long soak in a hot bath, but I find it difficult to get in and out of the tub (actually it's the getting up and down). I do enjoy my hot showers, though, and my heated throw.
Dollbug responded:
Hello and welcome.....MiMi in NC....I do not think I have "talked" to you....I do hope that you will read the info under "Tips" and "Resources" to the right of this page....there are some great "tools and tips" that might help you cope better...

I take hot showers....and I use lavender bath salts in the stopped up drain....I do not take baths....I have had 4 right knee surgeries....and my left knee is not up to par I do not get in and out of the tub easily.....I would be down and I would not be able to get back up....

I would also encourage you to be sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....if you have not already done this...low Vitamin D causes pain and also affects other illnesses as well...this is a simple blood test...but you MUST ASK the doctor to run it is not included in the normal bloodwork that they do...

Take care and good luck....

IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
live4truth replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
I have started using a shower chair, no longer can get up and down. but love the heat.

May you all be Blessed!
calicogirl63 replied to live4truth's response:
I really like my shower chair/hand held shower head! I blast the hot water on my shoulders/back/whereverit hurts. I really, really wish I had the walk-in tub!

I have finally "defrosted" now that the weather is warm here in Arkansas. Man......I do not like the cold anymore!! I think that this winter was the worst ever for pain! Thank goodness for SPRING!

annette030 responded:
We bought a small size hot tub years ago, and replaced it just once. When the two of us get in together, we are all intertwined, but it is plenty big enough for one person. It is outside in our patio, I love it. It is two steps from the sliding glass door to the house. I use it to control my FMS pain and relax before bed, my husband uses it for pain due to arthritis and a total hip replacement a few years ago. We got to declare it on our taxes as a medical expense, my rheumy wrote me a note for that.

I am not allowed in it right now. I had surgery one month ago and have to wait one more month per my surgeon, then I can proceed carefully. She is concerned that the scar area may not have full nerve function and the skin could get burned without my realizing it.

I hate not being able to sit in my hot tub before bedtime. I am sleeping about 2 hours less each night, and feeling it as far as my FMS goes.

I have used it every night, and sometimes more often because I KNOW that when I am in the tub, my pain will go away. It does come back fairly promptly when I get out, but for that time, I am pain free.

I totally agree with you. Nothing I have found is better than hot water, lol.

Take care, Annette