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    I think I just found a bra for fibro patients.!
    thebgirl posted:
    I was reading a post here about a week ago about the subject of Bra's for us in so my rib and chest pain that it hurts to bother wearing one, at least that is true for me most of the time.

    I just saw a Bra on TV and went ahead and ordered it because it looks just like something I would try to ask them to make for us if i could. They also say it eliminates bulky padding, underwire, hooks and adjustable straps leaving you with seamless, full-coverage comfort with the support you need. Its called the Ahh Bra and if you go to the site you can see how comfortable they look and you can see feedback on other sites.

    I called right away and ordered mine. You get a black,a white and a beige for 60.00.
    icyhotmama responded:
    I ordered these and tried one on and sent them right back! they are like wearing pantyhose one your boobs!
    Hope they work better for you

    thebgirl replied to icyhotmama's response:
    My question to you would be ... Did it hurt to wear one? It looks totally form fitting with wide shoulder straps and no snaps hooks or wires and really thin material.. that is what I was hoping for in a bra.
    I guess I will find out soon as they get here.
    Wolfsong452 replied to thebgirl's response:
    I've heard multiple reports, about there being NO SUPPORT!

    sorry, gotta have that support, yet, where can I get comfort ?
    thebgirl replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    I don't know if they will have support and comfort until I get mine in the mail and report back after I try one on. Or try 2 on at once as they said for jogging or extra support.

    They said they were very thin which makes them easy to layer.

    I am looking for support without pain, just like the rest of us.
    Anything has got to be better that does not have a band digging in my ribs and my shoulders. I'll let ya know.
    Wolfsong452 replied to thebgirl's response:
    please do, we need all the help we can get.
    thebgirl replied to Wolfsong452's response:
    Well I got my 3 ahh bras in the mail.... That sure didn't take long to get here!!!

    I LOVE THEM !!!!!

    I have never worn a more confortable bra in all my life.
    I am have always had large chest and i wear size 42dd.
    I ordered the XL and I am very comfortable and happy with straps and especially the band around my ribs. I think they were worth every penny.
    I was not bothering to wear one most days and that also causes me pain so now I think things will be better for me.
    Wolfsong452 replied to thebgirl's response:
    interesting, maybe some day when I have money to spare I will give them a try.

    Right now I wear 2 bras at once, due to neither one having enough support. That's what I get for buying cheapy bras.

    what with having a 46 ddd, it kind of sucks.
    lexinitro responded:
    have the ahh bra ordered it in the fall of 2010, then on HSN she had a sale and i ordered same size but she put lace detail on 2 of the 4 pack. i dont know what happened but when i got them the staps were 2" shorter and they didnt have next size up so HSN refunded me even the shipping and i started serching. i ordered the barely there bra fron Her (not received yet) then a Ahh bra infomercial came on and it would cost $75 DOLLLARS FOR 3 bras, I paid 2o for 2 barely there. now I've ordered bali from Amazon looks same as Ahh bra but 2 for $20 we'll see i will update when i get my bras
    ddough5 replied to icyhotmama's response:
    I agree.....not for large busted women for sure !!
    ddough5 replied to thebgirl's response:
    For me there was no support at all...just flattened my breast , like wearing nothing..but I am large breasted. My sister is about a B cup and she loves them.
    nene_11 responded:
    I found the Genie Bra to be much more comfortable than the Ahh Bra-it was something with the shoulder strap. The Genie has been a life saver for me!
    missist responded:
    When I first got fibro I was in my 20s and I used to wear something a little like that--it hooked in the front and didn't fall of my shoulders- I have a scoliosis a little so I'm always pushing straps back up. Anyhow when you are that young and maybe not big busted-- that works great. So much more comfortable and I was always uncomf. in my clothes. Still am but I wear mainly jeans and t shirts.

    these days I need more support-- and I find the 'just my size' jms clothes at walmart of all places are comfy.

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