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Frustratedintennessee posted:
Dr. P.
I was in a car accident 2 years ago. (I was hit from behind) I suffered 2 bulging and one compressed disk in my neck and 2 bulging disk in my lower back.My antidepressant has been doubled... I have been through several rounds of injections and several rounds of therapy besides all of the test and all of the different doctors visits. I have had 5 ear surgeries in the past 2 years. I have been through a Divorce and Got married again. Approximately 9 months to a year ago I began to feel bad all of the time and ached all over. I feel like all of my joints and all of my muscles hurt. I first thought I was crazy or I had become a hypochondriac. As I was going through my last round of therapy, the therapist told me that he thought I had fibromyalgia. He explained he wasn't a Dr. and couldn't diagnose me. So I went to my primary Medical Dr. He explained that what appeared to be happening was the trauma that I had been through had all caught up with me and that my body has taken the pain from the areas in my back and distributed it all over my body causing me to feel this way. This was after and examination and some lab work. Is this not Fibromyalgia?? Why are Dr.s so reluctant to diagnose you with Fibromyalgia?? I am so frustrated. There are days I don't even feel like getting out of the bed.
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:

Sorry to hear of your ongoing pain and your frustration. One of the most common triggers of fibromyalgia is an injury, particularly the whiplash injury. It can take up to a couple of years after a car accident for the localized neck pains to evolve into a generalized widespread pain problem (fibromyalgia). Here is an older link that may help you better understand the mechanism behind developing FM.

Your doctor is the one to make a definitive diagnosis of FM. You may wish to clarify what specific diagnosis was made at your last visit. A lot of doctors ARE diagnsosing FM, more so than ever before so that's a good thing because it means more awareness and acceptance in the primary medical community. It's a bad thing if you happen to be the one being diangnosed, though. :(

Good luck in clarifying your condition and I especially hope you soon feel better and not be as frustrated.

Dr. P

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