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Trigger point injections. Anyone have experience with? Just dont know what to do anymore.
shell04937 posted:
I am thinking about looking and asking my PT what her thoughts are about this. Every time I go she works on my trigger points near my upper back and neck. I have constant headaches and 6months of therapy has not stopped them for more then the day of treatment. I have an appointment with my Rheumy this month so I plan on asking him for suggestions too.
I just dont know what to do anymore. :(
An_199860 responded:
There have been some on board that have had trigger point injections, and if I remember correctly, they have been content with the results.

I haven't, I prefer to suffer I guess, LOL, but saw you haven't had any response yet to your question.

Maybe some one that has had will pop in and let you know.
NeNe_11 responded:
I tried them many years ago & they did nothing to help my pain.
teddybear200 responded:
Shell - I had migrains for 10 yrs and nothing worked to get them to stop except Imitrex shots (sp). I had to stop these shots because they made me extremely sick.

Then my new Neurologist suggested I go for trigger injections in my neck. She tried them at the C4 and C5 levels but they did not work. 3 weeks later she gave me the injections at the C1 and C2 levels. I have NOT had a migrain headache since 3 yrs now.

I hope this helps you - yes the injections hurt a little but worth it in my case. Deb
Some day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Teddybear
Booch007 responded:
Good morning
I have 8 years of trigger point injection experience!! I can't believe 8 years have past.

I was doing myofascial trigger point massage before...more painful and less effective......what happens with this therapy (massage) it liberates the toxins from the muscles and you MUST drink a plethera of water to flush it out.....headaches, nausea and feeling yuck after was many a story.

I started with a neurologist from Boston that, this was all she did....she followed the teachings of Travelle and Simmons, the forefathers of myofascial work. I bought the neuro book...
Then I began sessions, at first dizzy and in pain the next day, muscles releasing left and right..spine popping as I walked. But in one session I was able to turn my head to pull out into traffic (turned so well I looked into the back seat ! Instead of just to the left) I knew I was on to something.

My sessions are about 30-40 injections. If they are dead on to the T.P they hurt...but then twitch and release ! 2 days I am up and purring......I work full time and they keep me together. For me I go every 2 weeks as I have a pretty full life, some go once a month and others every 3 weeks.

It is a course I am glad I found, but need to stay with or I will seize up. I use massage still for tough days and just did that last night, bad a.m. today but meds are getting me better as i sit here. Your toolbox should have as many tricks as you can learn to get you through.

There is a great book called, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial pain, by Dr Devin Starlanyl . It is my resource I bring it to the neuro at times to show my *spot to inject. I also have used my husband to massage me and mark my zones to get me through the appointment faster. I have a great relationship with my attending, and she knows when I have crossed the line...right now we are working on my left arm,I am caught in a rotator cuff/frozen shoulder problem. I know it is in the neck, I need the book to show me a stretch exercise and the trigger point zone to get the release I need.

Don't judge the therapy at the start as it can stir up a wasps nest of symptoms as you release, be sure the practioner is skilled. I used to take motrin right after to help with the pain and soreness. I am so used to it now, no therapy. It is a ME day though. I go do something good after. I use distraction too...

If you have more questions I am just put FM in the heading so I know where it came from in the spam folder. All my best to you, Nancy B
Marylyce responded:
I maybe be getting injections but for my myofascia pain in my SI joints. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 19 years ago and this is my 3rd flareup. I have an appt for April 26. Thats a long time to wait! In the meantime I will be looking at this group for support. Any pain meds I take seem to make the pain worse at first and then maybe it works alittle. Anyone else ever experience that with pain meds?
JanNH1968 replied to Booch007's response:
Who do you see near Boston for your injections. I was just about to try a place in southern New Hampshire. Thanks! Jan
shell04937 replied to teddybear200's response:
Do you know what the injections were made of? I have to do something because meds dont work and PT is not giving lasting benefits. I have thouht about Acupunture but it is so expensive and insurance wont cover it so I would like to try it as a last resort.
I have had such a bad headache for a week that I seriously need to look at treatments I have not tried before. Thanks for the responce.
shell04937 replied to Marylyce's response:
I had SI injections about 7yrs ago and that is one thing I do not plan on doing anytime soon. Sorry but it was worse then my 2 C=sections and hysterectomy. OUCH...
My dad had an SI injection and did not find it as painful as mine.
My cortisone injection makes my pain worse and then over the next week a little better.
Good luck.
Booch007 replied to JanNH1968's response:
Jan, I live in NY and the doc came out of Boston. In the tertiary hospital neurology group they have a myofascial subspecialty area....that is who I use.

Try a large teaching facility and ask the neuro dept if they do this. Rheumatology is primary for this, but somehow I lucked out staying with neuro. Good Luck, Nancy B
Booch007 replied to shell04937's response:
It is the actual needle that makes the difference, but they have lidocaine in there to help with the discomfort of the session.

When there is a direct hit, IT IS PAINFUL, I have cried...but I know that in 2 days I am free of my bodys *holding me back and much less pain. It is like deep accupuncture.
Every 2 weeks in common for sessions but once a month is done with some too. I work and work hard so I can't break away from 2 week sessions. If she is away....I calm down my activities to get through.

Good luck with your diecisions, If I can help anymore I am around. Nancy B
Booch007 replied to shell04937's response:
Trigger point injections do not have cortisone in them. But they are uncomfortable and down right painful if the area is very congested and aggrevated. I am happy when I feel the twitch and release response when it is over, I KNOW that one will be soft and better after that.

It is 8 years now of using this therapy and I was part of a presentation in Canada of this therapy. I will continue until something else takes it's place. If they ever stop it, I know I will seize up and have to leave work. I cannot break these zones without injection, massage for me is just a bit better and painful in it's own right. Remember to drink plenty of water after these therapies....

It also sounds as though your injection was too close to a nerve bed and t just *got you. They are uncomfortable but to be worse than a C Section...Hmmmm I blame the doc at the other end of the needle! All my best, NancyB
Wolfsong452 replied to Booch007's response:
I'm going to ask my pain management doctor about this, hopefully he will go for it.

not much of anything else is helpipng.

coping skills, only go so far.
elizabeth1304 responded:
I tried them for several years and they did nothing for my pain. Only thing I got from them were even more aches from the painful injections. The only thing that keeps me going is Lyrica, Cmybalta and Lortab. Especially the Lortab. I fought not taking it for many years but I have had this for almost fifteen years and the pain wore me down so badly that I gave in and it has been a blessing. I still hurt but it helps alot. Best of luck in finding what works for you.
Beth in AL
teddybear200 replied to shell04937's response:
shell I believe the injections had lidocaine (sp) and cortisone in them.
Some day I will soar on wings of an Eagle - Teddybear

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