Weekly Good Things/Gratitude List
angelswife posted:
Hi all---it's that time again. What happened this week that made you smile? Tell us your good things so we can all celebrate with you! Thanks for sharing... :-)
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
It's been a tough week so I really need this:

1. Angelswife starting this thread so I can remind myself there are good things out there for me.

2. I have work which keeps a roof over my head.

3. Great co-workers.

4. I made it through the week! Yay!

Who is next? :-)
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
angelswife replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Caprice---I guess I'll go:

1) My husband's client forgave me tonight for forgetting to pick her up from work.

2) We got very little water in the apartment, even though we've had eight inches of rain since Sunday

3) I am grateful for my electric blanket! I looove my electric blanket! :-)

4) My rib pain has gotten better and I am coughing less.

5) I am very grateful for my journal---it has helped me maintain my sanity this week.

Okay---that's my list. Anyone else want to play? :-)
Fatzinger responded:
Hi everyone its been awhile but I want to tell you what made me Happy this week, and it hasn't been the weather!

1. Happy for this wonderful site, those who wrote about Vit. D

2. The doctor who believes in Fibro.

3. The test that came back with the results of low Vit. D and Hgb levels. Sounds Crazy but it was a relief, hopefully this will help my PCP.

4. A husband that sat with me while the doctor said my job was hard on my body, and comforted me!
live4truth responded:
My husband bought me an electric blanket, it's just wonderful.
Our friend received his DDS this week for the first time.
I found out this week that some of the tests coming back showed that it is not cancer :-) :-).
We are so BLESSED.

May you all be Blessed!
squarley replied to live4truth's response:
Love that electric blanket and I really used it this week. Love that my husband just retired and can be with me ,I was so lonely when he worked,thanking God I feel better to day,they are having a retirement party for him and was so afraid I was not going to feel well enough to go. :)
NeNe_11 responded:
Hi All!
Its been a really tough few weeks for me, but as always I have found some good things, despite the pain:

1. I spent time with family yesterday & that was AWESOME!

2. I got outside for about an hour or so for some natural VitD, as it was sunny here in Pgh yesterday.

3. I had one day last week, Monday, where my pain was very low. I don't quite understand why I felt so good for one day & then totally terrible the rest of the week, but i'll take it!!
Denise-Trying to smile despite the pain