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Whines, Wishes and Wins (Caprice's Great Idea)
angelswife posted:
Okay, everybody---what are your whines, wishes and wins this week? Please share them!

I am standing in for Caprice---I think she is away for a bit. This was her idea---let's keep it going for her. Thanks!

I will go first:

WHINE: I am SO tired of cold, gray days and this flare! I want both to be over with now!! :-(

WISH: That spring comes quickly so I can get out in the sunshine!

WIN: I just found out I will have a vegetable garden this year!! Yay!!

That's my list---who's next?
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thanks so much for continuing for Caprice while she's away. I am her substitute, and I also have fibromyalgia.

So here are mine:

Whine: I hate having to take someone's arm to walk anywhere when it's night out because I can't see very well in the dark.

Wish: Recovery for the people of Japan

Win: The family reunion last weekend!

Okay, who's next?

missshortyd replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Morning Family

WHINE: I wish the pain would go away

Wish: A cure for FIBRO

Win: New granddaughter (Rylee)
angelswife replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Byroney---welcome to the FMily! It's nice to meet you. Please send Caprice some soft hugs from everyone. Hope she can get back soon. :-)
NeNe_11 replied to angelswife's response:
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Whine - My migraines are killin' me!

Wish - Wish I could join in on the fun today

Win - Its a pretty, clear sunny day -Wish I could find a better
one than this, but cant!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hey, this is great to see!

Whine: I swear they took out my brain when they took my gall bladder this week. So tired and my memory is worse than ever.

Wish: That healing comes to those in Japan.

Win: Having so many around me who care about me.

Who's next? :-)
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

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