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Wellbutrin & Fibro Fog
Pixe5 posted:
Hi all,

Have any of you tried Wellbutrin to help with concentration? I am thinking of asking the doc for it for my depression but I also heard that it can have a stimulant effect.


angelswife responded:
Hi Pixie,
I haven't taken it myself, but I would treat it carefully. I had an ex who was on it, and it would send him into uncontrollable rages, to the point where I feared for my safety. He would try to provoke me into fighting with him and I would refuse, which made him even angrier. (I left him for that reason). Then when it started wearing off he would go on a crying jag and try to curl up on my lap like a baby.

I have a friend who tried it also, to help him quit smoking, and he had the same problem with the anger. I am not saying it would happen to you, but check it out thoroughly first. You have enough going on already without adding that worry!
An_199882 responded:
hi pixie, just wanted to say. i have been taking wellbutrin for a few yrs. i take 450mg 1 x day. they put me on it to help zolft work better they said. i havn't had any real problems with it. but everyone is different. talk with your dr about any concerns you have about it and if it will work with other meds your on. good luck. take care.
jroseland replied to An_199882's response:
I currently take wellbutrin. I find that it does help me to have a bit more energy and less fogginess. It can interrupt your sleep, though, so I take one dose in the morning and one dose in the early afternoon.

Of course, every med can have side effects and different ones for different people. I don't get the anger issues personally. As with most meds for FM, it can be a trial and error process.
An_199883 responded:
As with any medication, there may be side effects. All you can really do is talk to your Dr. And read the phamphlet the Pharmacy gives with it.

I have been on Welbutrin for a very long time, and have had no problems or side effects. 150 mg 2'x's a day. Timed release.

As far as concentration help, I have no problem with fog or lack of concentration.

It is used for quitting smoking, the paperwork talks about it, and I have heard it can affect weight loss,making it easier. Maybe because you're feeling better so up and moving more, which helps in itself.

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