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    Sudden weakness
    Scissortail posted:
    I am experiencing whole body weakness especially in the morning after breakfast and coffee. I understand this is a common FM complaint. Is that true and should I just rest at that point? I often revive and have energy later. This is concerning to me and debilitating.
    Dollbug responded:
    Hello Scissortail...and welcome....MiMi in NC...sorry that you are not feeling better....some of us FMers...have chronic you think this is what you might just want to "google it" and read up on is not a good thing...and I have not found anything that will help it so far...

    I have to pace, pace and pace...on whatever I do....there are days when it is worse than others...and for the life of me....I can not understand why....

    You do not say what you have tried to help this....or if you are taking any vitamins or supplements now....

    I would like to encourage you though to be sure and get your Vitamin D level checked....which is so important for a lot of is a simple blood test....but you MUST ASK the doctor to run it....

    I, sometimes can be doing something and all of a feels like I am running out of gas....and then I "crash"...I can no longer do anything is like every ounce of energy...had drained right out of my body....and I have to rest...have no choice in the matter....

    Does this sound like what you are experiencing?

    I hope that you will read the info under "tips" and "resources" to the right of this page....I am sure that you will find some good "tools and tips" that you might want to sure and read "member toolbox" and "nutrition and vitamins"....

    I hope that this helps....take care and good luck...

    IN GOD WE TRUST....MAY GOD BLESS AND GUIDE AMERICA.... My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Hey, Scissortail.....Yes, weakness is a symptom of fibro, but this thought came to me when you said after b'fast and coffee.....I don't know what you eat for b'fast, but hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) also causes weakness. I have that sometimes (and have for years), and I know that coffee and carbs raise your blood sugar, then cause a quick drop. That's when you feel the weakness.

    You might try eating protein for b'fast and see if that helps.
    Take care....Elizabeth
    Booch007 responded:
    For me, I am 90 in the morning and do nothing til after coffee and meds. Taking a shower can help get the muscles moving and stretching in there helps too.

    Headache...shampoo the hair and massage the scalp and neck area besides meds....often it is a great fix.

    Be kind to yourself, listen to the cues it is giving you. Some days are not too bad, but that dang dragon is always next to my bed for me to drag around when I get up.......

    draggin the dragon* a pain.........

    But you can lose him for a bit during the day and then he devilshly finds you again and you must slow down and rest.

    Good luck in findiing a pattern for you and hope you have more low pain days then flares. nancy B
    cj0611 responded:
    I have this also. Sometimes I wake up feeling this way and then there are times that just like Mimi said, I can be going along and thinking it's a good day, then....bam! I'm so exhausted that I just need to find my heating pad, bed, the t.v. remote and give in to it. There are times I do find a second wind after a rest - very strange - have never understood it. It almost feels to me the same as when I have a severe panic attack - the sudden onset of fatigue and shakiness. If I feel it in the a.m. I always make sure I have some protein (eggs are best for me) for breakfast, along with some o.j. It does seem to perk me up. It's worse in the a.m. because I can't give into it because I have to get to work. It is concerning when this hits because it seems soooo not normal but I've come to realize it its just another part of the fibro. Hope this helps. Take care, Scissortail.
    CLKWC1964 responded:

    I also experience this and after coming to this site for over a year have read a lot of others who also have so I would have to say yes it is part of our lovely fibromyalgia. Mine is intermittent and I never know when it will strike. I have not found a common cause or trigger for it. I usually do not have a choice but to just take it easy when it strikes. I think for me personally the most frustrating part of all this is you can't seem to make any plans because you never know how you will feel or if you will actually be able to follow through with the plans. I wish you luck in finding the cause and utimately the treatment that works best for you with this issue. Good luck and God bless. Cat :0)
    Iwillfeelgood responded:
    I agree with the response that this could be a reaction to your breakfast. Another symptom of FM is chemical sensitivity. Caffeine wipes me out. It's like I just ate poison. I am a lifelong coffeeholic. Decaf worked for a few years. Now, I've had to give that up. I can have a decaf every once in a blue moon. But definitely not on a daily basis. Whew talk about a flare and weakness!!!! I have in the last couple years developed a sensitivity to carbs. I can't consume a large number at a time or I'm wiped. Breakfast is usually a small bowl of an organic gluten free cereal with unsweetened almond milk, turkey sausage, fruit juice and a big glass of water. (I've had to radically adjust my diet to manage FM). I do have to keep a close eye on my blood sugar, not diabetic, but I can't go more than 4 hours without eating something, except when I go to bed. Breakfast has to be small. Again, I believe it all goes back to keeping my total body chemistry as level as possible. Hope this helps.
    Scissortail replied to Iwillfeelgood's response:
    Thanks for all the replys!!
    jrae922 replied to Scissortail's response:
    I have the same exact symptoms and have found that although my energy and stamina are low, I do feel better when I watch the amount of sugar and carbs in my diet. Caffeine and refined carbs cause a big crash so it's best to make sure I'm getting plenty of lean protein and healthy carbs like whole grain bread and vegetables. When I'm craving sweets I will eat a small amount of dark chocolate.

    Try it - it will make you feel better instantly.
    An_199897 replied to jrae922's response:
    I agree with the others that it may be a blood sugar thing. I've found that even "healthy" cereals are terrible for me. Breakfast is my biggest meal and it's solely protein, with a little bit of plain yogurt and lower sugar fruit, like a few berries. That has helped me not to crash so much.
    NeNe_11 replied to CLKWC1964's response:
    Mine is intermittent as well. Nothing seems to make sense as to what or when it comes on but the weakness, lightheadedness, shakiness is all to weird.

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