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I am going to my primary care doctor in a few days. I'd really like to come out and tell exactly how bad I feel!
conniescherubs1 posted:
I experience pain between my shoulder blades and across my upper back till it just makes me cry. I am on lyrica, oxycontin, soma, .fioricet and ambien for sleep. Even tho' I am taking these meds I still have "flares" quite often. About the only time I can put pain out of my mind is when I'm asleep.I wake up sometime an hour or two and can't go back to sleep and it makes for a long night. I have fibro really bad and tension and migraine headaches.I have degenerative disc disease and some bulging disc.I had a terrible bout of sciatica a few years ago and it was so bad I couldn't get out of bed to go to the hosp. I never heard tell of that type of pain crossing over and going down my knee and settleing on top my ankle, horrible pain! I suffered drop foot and numbness in the arch of that foot. I have actual x-rays etc. that show I am in a pretty bad way off.
The QUESTION I have is how can I appeal to my dr.that I do need something like clonopin just at night to help me sleep. I had tried some of this a few yrs. back when I was seeing another dr. and it helped me get some sleep which I desperately need. I DON'T want to sound to my dr. that I'm just trying to get more meds! I have had fibro for about 25 yrs. It has been very hard in all aspects of my life to live with fibro. I just want to have some quality more to my life.So, please does anyone have some advise for me. Thanks so much.
juliepirro responded:
When you go to your doc. ask him about Voltaren Gel 100 mg. I've been using it for my FM and it works beautifully to eliminate my pain. I swear by it. It's a miracle drug. I've told other friends who also have FM and they, too, swear by it. So be sure to ask your doc about it:)
xperky responded:
Hi conniescherubs1 - I see you are taking ambien for sleep, but I guess it's not doing the job. Perhaps your doc can adjust that medicine or try a different type.

Tell him what you take before bedtime, and how many milligrams, etc. Keep notes on what works and doesn't work. Maybe the doc will change what meds you take at what time of day and that could help.

In other words, you don't have to ask him for a specific med, but can tell him what you are currently doing, and how it works/doesn't work for you. Then ask if there is a change he can make to help you sleep better. You can mention the prior success with clonopin. That way you are leaving it up to him to suggest a specific med. That's just how I would do things. Maybe others will have some better advice.

I hope you can find relief soon! Let us know what works for you so we can maybe try it too.
Life is wonderful when lived with love and compassion, Margaret

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