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Fibro Fatigue - Aspartame?
aadavis66 posted:
My mother seems to believe that the aspartame in diet drinks, which is all I drink, is the cause of my fibro. One doctor I asked said she had not heard of that. What does everyone else think?
jrae922 responded:
Absolutely not! Although the exact cause of FM has not been determined, I can answer emphatically that it's not because of aspartame consumption.

With that being said, many health professionals warn the public about aspartame consumption because several studies have suggested that aspartame (as well as other artifical sweetners) contains toxins.

Carbonated drinks, especially sodas, are not recommended for FM patients. The caffiene many provide temporary energy but the crash will make you feel worse.

I would suggest that you try to cut down and eventually quit. Water is much better for you!
sjmikesell responded:
I agree that it's not the cause of fibro. However, I am unable to use any aspartame because it attributes to my migraines. So I have cut that out all together.

Sometimes I feel that there is no food or drink that I can have that won't give me migraines or trigger some fibro symptom.
NeNe_11 replied to sjmikesell's response:
Yes-Aspartame was contributing to more frequent migraines with me as well. I have read that aspartame could cause inflammation.

I use splenda in my tea now. I drink 3-4 cups of tea with about 1/4 teaspoon in each cup. I hope Splenda is ok. Does anyone know if it has been found to be toxic as well?
1wareaglefan replied to NeNe_11's response:
From the reading I've done in health books, splenda and stevia(?) are both safe to use.
annette030 responded:
When I developed FMS I was not using aspartame in anything at all. Now I do drink diet sodas which contain aspartame, I did not notice any difference at all. I personally think that aspartame is safe to use in the amounts one ordinarily uses per day. Everyone has their own opinions on this topic. It is fairly easy to remove it from your diet for a couple of months, then you will know how it actually affects YOU.

I did give up caffeine due to my irritable bladder syndrome, that was much improved within 24 hours. I wish my doctors had told me about that, but it is one of those things that I read when I did my own research for a friend who had bladder problems. I was able to give up the medicine that I took for my bladder.

Talk to your doctor, and do your own research on real medical sites.

Take care, Annette
Fibrosarah responded:
Aspartame will not cause fibro, but many of the side effects and symptoms of Aspartame can be quite similar as symptoms of Fibro.

If interested in finding out if some of your symptoms might change, to maybe a lesser degree, you could always try and eliminate it from your diet, and do a comparison.

Have you researched the side effects of Aspartame on the internet? There is an enormous amount of info out there.

I have always drank diet sodas, only because of not having the sugar consumption from regular sodas. Although I have cut back on how many I drink in a day or week, as I "think" I can have better luck keeping my weight under control, maybe because I am not as bloated? Not sure, I have switched to water or diet green tea's with citrus more.
An_200043 responded:
Although Fibro is just a fancy word for pain without any reason from the pharmacy companies I don't think ANYONE knows why we have the pain we have (sensitivity I guess) at certain times.

If they knew what caused FIBRO, there would be a cure, so NO ONE knows what causes our pain.

Aspartame is like anything else, not everyone reacts the same to it. Not any different than being allergice to something and some one else is not.
angelswife replied to NeNe_11's response:
Hi Nene---I use Stevia in everything. I tried the Splenda but got really bad migraines and IBS from it so I had to stop using it.

Stevia is a plant. You can actually grow it in your back yard. Splenda, I'm sorry to say, is made by combining a molecule of sucrose with a molecule of chlorine gas. It may be made from sugar, but the body can't digest the chlorine. At least mine can't, lol.

There are some good plant-based sweeteners out there. Stevia is one; the other "top two" are Erythritol and Xylitol. You can google them both and find a lot of good info. Hope this helps. :-)

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