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2 weeks-Cymbalta & just some thougths
zingercan posted:
My first 3 days on Cymbalta I spent with a wacked out feeling in my brain; after that it must have adjusted.

The fibro pain is still there - but it doesn't seem as harsh. Now I can't tell if this relief from the med; or am I just having a few days of feeling ok......time will tell.

I worked in the garden today and that caused a flare up but hey, hubby bought 24 tomato plants home (I guess I'm growing for the entire community, since its just the 2 of us!!)

I'm trying hard to remain positive because that sort-of makes me feel 'better.' Sometimes I have my own pity party - we all know FM is hard to deal with day in/day out. Then I turn on the TV and feel guilty for spending so much time complaining.......there are so many people with bigger issues/problems/worse health than me. Some people have no home from tornado's; and yesterday, one came through my area about 20 miles away.

Maybe I'm just more messed up in the head than I realize.

Hoping everyone has a soft & gentle day!
jrae922 responded:
Hi Zingercan,

I take Cymbalta and had the same feelings when I started taking it. I think it does dull the pain, but sometimes I still need an additional pain med.

It's definitely good to focus on the positive and remember that even though life is tough sometimes - at least you have a home, live in a free country and have health care. Many people don't have the things that we take for granted as a right to a humane life.

I don't think you are messed up in the head. Coping with FM is like being blindfolded on a roller coaster ride - you never know what's next.



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