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    HOT and miserable
    jrae922 posted:
    Good Morning FMily,

    I need to vent. I don't know how much of this is genuine frustration or how much of it is anxiety so maybe you guys can help me with a reality check.

    When I moved into my house five years ago, I had it remodeled. One of the most important things to me was having central air because I am really intolerant of heat and cold (probably because of FM). There was no exsisting duct work, so it was a big job ($11k) and it took nearly a month to complete. Aside from some minor hiccups after I moved in, the a/c worked fairly well for the first three years. Then 2009 rolls around and I go to turn on the a/c - no cool air. So I called in the company the originally installed the system and they tell me that I was out of coolant. Really? After only three years? I ask them to check for a leak, and they said they can't find a leak. So I pay the bill, nearly $700. One year later, 2010, and again - no cool air. Again, I need coolant. But this time I can't afford to pay another $700 so I call my uncle who puts another charge on the coolant. 2011 comes and for the third year in a row - no cool air. Now I am a single mom so I really don't have the money to pay a repairman - my uncles charges up my coolant. TWO WEEKS go by and now there is no cool air again.

    At this point, it is obvious to me that there is something is wrong with the unit that was installed. Why should it need to be repaired four times in five years? I'm angry that I'm not being heard by the company that installed the unit not to mention that I'm miserable in the heat. It's 86 degrees in my house and I have my elderly mother caring for my two year old daughter in my home during the day. Can my frustration and discomfort really be causing me this much anxiety? I feel like I am ill equipped to handle stress and I can't calm myself down.

    I have called the original company that installed the system and they are supposed to be calling me back today. I will be very surprised if I get any satisfaction from them but something must be done - there is no way I can spend all summer in the heat and humdity without air conditioning. I'm frightened by my moodiness and know that I can't sleep well, which will only make things worse.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

    vic711 responded:
    So sorry Jessie,

    The heat is awful here in Tenn too, and I can't imagine not having my air. I believe that the heat can cause anxiety. The hotter I get the more anxious I get, and the more anxious I get, the hotter.. what a cycle!!

    Was there a guarantee on the system when installed? Usually there are. If they won't repair, you could call the Better Business Bureau.. that would get their attention. There is no reason for a new system to go out once a year. Don't let them put you off... be demanding!!

    Softest of Hugs... Vicki
    jrae922 replied to vic711's response:
    Hi Vicki,

    Aww, thanks for your concern. There was a two year guarantee on the parts, so when I called them originally - they said there wasn't anything that could be done. I asked my husband to handle it two years ago and he didn't do anything about it. One of the many reasons I called it quits - he did not advocate for me.

    I am planning to call the BBB if they do not investigate the situation for me. Thankfully, I have my father at home to help me out with this. Sometimes these people think they can pull the wool over your eyes because you are female.

    Thanks for re-affirming - it's hard to be calm when you're hot!

    1wareaglefan responded:
    Oh my gosh, Jessie! You stay on these people and if they don't come through and do something about it, then definitely call the BBB. I can't believe how they've treated you!

    I agree that sometimes women are treated this way more than men. I say stay on them until they make this right! I live in AL, and I absolutely am miserable in the heat and humidity.

    I hope and pray this gets resolved SOONEST for you!!

    Let us know......Elizabeth
    zingercan responded:

    Your frustration rings loudly in your post. Is it possible to gather information on places that will advocate for you....BBB...a local news station (they have one in my area who research businesses when products are ill-efficient). Perhaps they can 'turn up the heat' on this business to help you get it fixed properly.....???

    We put heat/central air in our home--2010; we are doing a total remodel; ours was $8500....but, we already had vents and some duct work.

    I feel for you because heat is not my friend either.....I hope your able to resolve this today and its easy on you. Let us know how it goes.

    Irmouse1 responded:
    Jessie, I so understand. I had similar AC issues late last summer just as the heat here in TN wasgoing strong. ;(

    I had the AC looked at and was told, like you, there was a leak. It took two months to find the tiny little leak and by the time they found it, the summer heat was gone and no way to prove it was fixed. So all these months later I am just cranking up the AC and it seems to be working.

    If you had a warranty for the first few years I hope you got an extension for it. If not and they company is not working with you to fix or replace the AC then I'd suggest a lawyer or the better business bureau or both as a way to go. I'm sorry that I don't have many suggestions here.

    I am also sorry that you are having to deal with this, again, as the heat is now beginning in so many states. I know when my AC went out my elec bill went up as well. I am surprised at how slow I was in figuring out it was a leak with the AC and not just the house being able to keep cool with the AC running full time. ; (

    And yes I am quite sure this has had an effect on your stress levels and FMS symptoms and I hope that you are able to get this AC problem ( leak ) resolved quickly as you it's not just not good for you it's for your mom and the small children.

    Wish I could have had more in the way of suggestions or help, please keep us posted here as to how it is all working out.

    Linda R.

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