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Relief thru poetry
lostinminn posted:
A poem for all who suffer this disease.

Pain is my constant companion, with me day and night
It is a struggle in the morning, getting up is such a fight

People ask me how I'm doing, I smile and say ok
I know that I am lying, but what am I to say

It really is such a pain when they ask if I'm doing well
I'd like to invoke the Clinton rule of don't ask, don't tell

More to come.
jrae922 responded:
Beautiful and well said!
lostinminn replied to jrae922's response:
Thanks for your response. Feel free to add to it and make it your own.
angelswife responded:
I wrote this one a few months ago.

Even though pain has returned
Tightening muscles
Slowing thought
Grinding deep into tendons and bones
I still rise, content
Grateful for this life
Thankful for all that's mine.

With snow dusting the ground
Christmas tapping at the door
Gifts needing wrapping
Rooms screaming to be cleaned
Pain's gravel voice intrudes
Asserting its claim
To my life and world.

Today I must yield
Lay my list aside
Allow this temporary king
His vicious rule
But inside I am whole and strong.

And though I may now be still
Waiting, head bowed,
For this burning storm to pass
My heart's joyous flame still burns
And my bones still sing their own fine song.

Enjoy! :-)
lostinminn replied to angelswife's response:
Dear angelswife,

Thank you for your courageous and inspiring poem. I have more to add to my poem, it's a work in progress. Stay tuned and I hope it resonate with you.

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