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Dr. P Help please re unexplained possible abscess tooth and root canals
talkfibro9 posted:
Hi Dr. P
I would really like your input if possible. I have had excellent dental hygiene with no problems or work needed on my teeth in the last 13 years. All of a sudden unexplained possible abscess, never had any jaw/joint problems.
I have read about TMJ and fibro causing TMJ muscle pain. Nothing shows on xrays and my dentist seems confused. Are there concerns I should be aware of before having a root canal? What proof should there be that I need one? Is it possible this is fibro related pain? My dentist told me a story whereby he heard of a fibro patient having 6 UNnecessary root canals? Have you heard of similar stories??
1wareaglefan responded:
I'll be interested to see Dr. P.'s answer to that question myself. I went through a time back before I was diagnosed with fibro, when I started having all sorts of dental problems, and I can't even remember how many root canals I've had....probably about 5 or 6!

I also have TMJ pain at times.
talkfibro9 replied to 1wareaglefan's response:
That is interesting. I was at a fibro support group today and a new member got fibro and TMJ problems after having a root canal.
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hello talkfibro9,

Fibo can lead to many face and jaw problems such as TMJ dysfunction, headaches, mouth pain, ear pain, nerve or neuralgia pain (to gums, teeth, lips etc). Abscesses are not a problem I would attribute to fibro, but people with fibro get other problems too. Like everything else, figuring out the exact cause of pain can be a challenge. I always try to figure out a specific diagnosis in my patients before I advise on a specific treatment plan. I defer any advice on root canals to the root canal specialists since I don't do this treatment.

Sometimes more than one problem, or multiple sources of pain are present. Certain unique findings are usually present if one has an actual abscess. I find a number of my patients have symptoms that may mimic an abscess but upon further dental evaluation, it turns out to be something else. Referred nerve pain to the gums from the TMJ area, for example, may respond to TMJ treatments and not need a root canal. Work with your dental specialist for your specific situation.

I hope you feel better soon!

Dr. P

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