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skin sensitivity??
pepsicat5 posted:
Does anyone have skin sensitivity? Alot of times my skin feels like I've been in a bag of bark all day. have tried every thing from different kinds of clothing,laundry soap,and lotions. But of no help. What can I do?? Alot of time I can work around the fibro. pain but I can't get out of my skin. This is totally frusterating.HELP!!!!!
thruwitpain responded:
I have had that issue but the most pronounced skin sensitivity for me has to do with my eczema. Ever since I have had FM, each eczema breakout drives me up the wall. I have creams that I use but that does not reduce the sensitivity. There was some benzocaine product that offered momentary relief but it lasted very briefly for me. Even the pain meds do not help. I understand the frustration. Not just with the skin sensitivity but with the whole FM thing. I, unlike you, cannot deal with the pain.
okillia responded:
Holy Moly - Sometimes I have to try on five or six shirts before I can stand one. My daughters think I am nuts!
jrae922 responded:
Yes - I have skin sensitivity to the point where I can not stand to put my arms on my desk at work unless I am wearing long sleeves. Often times I cannot wear jewelery for the same reason. It's awful but I don't know what to do about it, either. I just try to find clothes that are made out of a cotton jersey knit blend (including my sheets on my bed).
maggiethedoglover responded:
Yes, my skin is very sensitive. I buy 600 to 800 thread count sheets and they help in bed. I only have one pair of cotten pajamas that feel OK (actually, they're my husband's pajamas as I have to have them very loose). Wearing bras, even leisure bras that are too big, hurts me a lot and I can't wait to take them off. I too, cannot lean my elbows on a table or desk as they hurt.

Also my fingers are constantly cracking at the tips especially but sometimes down the finger. This happens even when I diligently apply cocoa butter or shea butter lotion. I've also used No Crack hand lotion. The only thing that really helps is a prescription cream called Fluocinonide USP 0.05%.

Hope this helps.

mymyrt replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
Hi, Maggie. Have you been checked for systemic candidiasis? Those cracking fingers sound very familiar. And the fact that you're on a prescription cream also suggests that you need to mention the candida to your doctor.


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