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Worst Headache of my Life
amblizman posted:
Maybe someone has already posted tips, but I don't have the concentration right now to go through them. I've had a headache for days now, and today is the worst.

My head hurts completely from front to back. It hurts in my teeth, in my cheeks, behind my eyes, through the tender points on the back of the head and down through my upper neck. Light hurts. Sound hurts. I did a sinus rinse, took my astelin and maxaalt two hours ago and no improvement at all.

I would go to an emergi center but I have no insurance right now, and I'm almost certain that a doctor unfamiliar with my medical history will be no use to me anyway.

Any tips would be most appreciated.
xperky responded:
I hate to give medical advice...but, I've had similar headaches before. It sounds like a migraine. I take caffeine (coffee works) combined with otc tylenol or ibuprofen or aspirin. It may also help to apply heat, or massage, to the back of your neck to relax those muscles.

Is there any helpful info on WebMD for migraines you might try?

Lay down and nap often through this. It's awful. I sure hope something helps fast.
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jrae922 responded:
I'm so sorry to hear about that. I have been there before - headaches that last for days and only get worse. When I went through a period of time like that, my doctor had me get an MRI and referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist told me that I was suffering from tension headaches and migraines and gave me a rx for Imitrex (which is very expensive without insurance).

I have found that ice packs actually relieve the pain better than heat. If you can have someone massage your neck, scalp and temples gently to help relieve the tight muscles that can help a lot. Then lay down with an ice pack on your forehead in a dark, quiet room.

I hope you feel better soon.


KatmanduLou responded:
I had one of those a few years ago. What has the weather been like? It was SO hot the week I had it, even the air conditioner didn't help. By the time I saw my doc, I felt like I had been wrung out. An MRI showed nothing abnormal, and they chalked it up to the heat.

While it may be too late (since Jesse already said it) try cool/cold. I hope it helps!
fibroinsd responded:
It does sound like a migraine...and there is medicine for hopefully you can get to a doctor...

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