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mommy trying to make it alone
An_200114 posted:
Hi, name is Gale,
Im very new to this group communication. If I dont't converse about the pain to people who understand, I might explode. You probabley woudering why is that a bad idea. Well Im a 45 year old with a7 and 8 yr old. both girls whom Love so deeply. really the best reason no to explode.I know thereof alot more worse situations other mine, but darn it. when does there come a break from crying, pain, and the ability tomore pain free so Ican enjoy my children. I am the only one they have, daddy when he can be there for them. even my family does seem to think I don't have a real condition. My ex inlaws keep asking when IMm gonna get another job. I only worked three for many years. How do u get people to understand?
angelswife responded:
Hi Gale---welcome to the group! It's nice to "meet" you. :-)

I've found that people who don't have Fibro will never really get it, no matter how badly I might want them to. There is no way they can understand the pain because they don't feel it themselves. This group is a lifesaver because everyone here understands. You can come here and vent whenever you need to.

Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? A lot of us with Fibro have low levels and need to supplement. You might want to do this if you haven't already, because low D can make the pain and fatigue feel a lot worse. It is not a standard blood test yet, so you need to ask specifically to have it done.

Make sure you check out the Tips and Resources areas to the right. There is a lot of good information there that will help you. Look especially for the Member Toolbox link (I think it's in the Tips area) and the links for Nutrition and Vitamins. Those are good places to start.

You are definitely not alone here---we've all been where you are. Please post whenever you need to. We understand. :-)
MissCaptainKirk responded:
I really feel for you, Gale. I raised two younger sisters and I have always had Fibro. My youngest sister had health problems and I was picking her up and carrying her for hours at a time and it was so painful.
Nobody without Fibro will ever understand what we go through. I was berated for being worn out so much as a child and teenager and even now as an adult. And to think that people are pushing you to get another job - that is terrible. I have had that happen as well and it is so frustrating that people do not consider how hard we work just to get up and move around every day. I was forced to take a full-time landscaping and farm hand job to care for my sisters and no one was ever sympathetic when I was hurting at the end of the day. That is pretty much proof that people will never understand us.
I really hope that things get better for you and you have the strength to be play with your children. Your love for them and worrying about them over your own pain is inspirational.
Much love! <3
jrae922 responded:
Hi Gale,

I am a 32 year-old single mom of a two year-old girl so I can absolutely identify with your plight. Every day is a struggle, but there are moments when I feel like I am fully engaged with my daughter and she is getting the most from me. I am ever thankful for my family who not only understands, but helps me every day. Just remember that it takes a village to raise a child - not just for children of parents with FM, but for every child.

Your girls will get everything they need to be happy and secure - from you, your ex, friends and teachers. You can't make people understand what you go through if they don't want to understand. Lean on your friends and on your FMily here.


fibroinsd responded:
Hi..Gale and welcome..

I hope you enjoy reading the posts here...and as Angleswife said..don't forget to check out the tips and find the members toolbox post.

This is not easy to deal with...and sounds like you don't have much I am glad you have found your way here...

I hope you are taking some good vitamins...and don't forget to get your Vit D. checked...

Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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