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    Tired of the pain
    An_200117 posted:
    I'm 36 years old and I'm tired of ALWAYS being in pain and this overwhelming feeling of tiredness, no matter how much rest I get I go to bed in pain and wake up in pain everyday.
    Having a VERY demanding job and being a mother of three young kids I'm suffering because the pain keeps me back from the day to day things that I need to do have done.It's not fair being too tired for your own kids??
    Some people tend to think of Fibromyalgia as superficial and in my country diagnosing it is even harder as there are few specialists.
    Really appreciate this support as it's hard for anyone to understand how or what you feel unless they can feel it for themselves.
    lvngwthpain responded:
    Anon--I know exactly how you feel! I'm not working right now, because I'm going back to get my Bachelor's Degree...but I fear the day that it's time for me to get a full time job. I'm always tired...always in pain! I was lucky enough to have a great nurse practitioner that knew exactly from my symptoms that I have fibro. I don't see a specialist at this point. She has given me Savella to help deal with the pain. It works to a degree, but not fully. I have one child and he's gracious enough to understand what I'm going through. He understands that if I'm tired I need to go rest. I do as much with him as I can when I have good days and he seems to understand that. Have you started taking vitamin D? It seems that everyone is always lacking this vitamin in their system and it does help with the overall pain and general feelign better. I hear a lot of people on here talking about it as well. Then there is melatonin that will help you to go to sleep at night. I have trouble getting to sleep at night, no matter how tired I am.
    I wish you the best of luck! Fibro is truly evil and I hate that we all have to go through it.
    GizJo responded:
    Thanks a mil for the advice,I'm so glad that I've found ppl who actually understand how and what I feel, to a certain extent it feels like the more I try to explain the less even my own family understands I'm very close to my sister and to her it's "why can't you shake it off? you was always so resilient why are you allowing this to beat you?" and I'm like it's not as easy as it seems when your body is literally fighting you!!

    I'm so happy that I Thank God for answering my prayers leading me to this community support group.
    NeNe_11 replied to GizJo's response:
    Welcome! Im glad you found us as well...God does answer prayers, does'nt He?!
    GizJo replied to NeNe_11's response:
    He always does trust me,being able to finally get a proper diagnosis for my pain has been an answer to a prayer for so many years I had to do the " it could be" .
    At least now I know and I can do my best to manage the pain.

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