Bariatric Surgery
shannlee0379 posted:
I haven't been on for a while. Been busy trying to get stuff together for vacations.

I went to see my doctor on Monday. I was given yet another prescription...hope this one helps. I feel like a walking pharmacy...huh

Anyway she's concerned that my imobility due to pain, and the increased wieght that she has asked me to have bariatric surgery. She seems to think wieght loss will reduce my pain, and help me to feel human. I'm 32, 5'6" and 280lbs....
It's summer now, and since my pain levels have increased over the last year there are so many things I remember doing, that I wont even attempt right now. I have to sit in a wheel chair to go shopping, and I love cooking, but can't stand long enough to make a meal for my family.

What I'm wondering is if anyone here as had this surgery, and if so did it decrease pain levels in any way. I just dont want to look forward to it, and then have no change. I will however go through with the surgery, since at the moment I'm at risk for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Thanks, hope everyone is having a minimal pain week.
kittygramma responded:
I was diagnosed with fibro in 1991. I had bariatric banding surgery in 2007. I have lost 80 lbs. I no longer have diabetes II, and other medical issues. However, it did not make any difference with my fibro pain. As a matter oof fact, I have been in a flare for about the last year. Sorry to give you the bad news, but it makes no difference how much you weigh when it comes to fibro. I recommend the surgery to avoid diabetes and all of the ppossible complications from that. Good luck.
shannlee0379 responded:
Thanks Kitty for the heads up...thats what I wanted to know.
imascrapper replied to shannlee0379's response:
I was diagnosed with what ended up being fibro 25 years ago and I had RNY gastric bypass 10 years ago. I lost 150 pounds and there were a lot of health benefits, and reduced pain is one. I always encourage someone who 100 pounds or more to look into the surgery. Almost all of the surgical groups conduct a meeting for prospective candidates and you will be able to ask more questions. Most surgeons require you to attend group meetings before the surgery. The surgery is not to be taken lightly, but if you are well informed and motivated it will work. It saved my life.

shannlee0379 replied to imascrapper's response:
Thanks Ima,
I have attended the orientation, and have a first appointment for wiegh in on the 3rd. I have the schedual for the support groups and plan on attending two by the 6th...thats when I am going on vacation. I also have a excersise program set up for while on vaca as well as home.
Thanks again for the info.