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Just found out I have Fibromyalgia
sexymamma12 posted:
Hi I have been having severe pain since December of 2010 and I have seen many doctors but they all just thought I was crazy. I am a 37 year old active mom with two teenagers who keep me very busy. I couldn't figure out why I could run for days without hurting or laying down and then the next I would be in pain lying on the couch hoping that morning would come later than sooner. I finally went to see a Rhumatiologist who told me my Calcium D levels were very low and I had fibromyalgia. I am very happy to find this out because I thought it was all in my head and I was crazy this also explains my eye problems I currenly have floaters from time to time. If anyone out there wants to fill me in on my future living with this. As we speak I am in pain. I don't know why my primary doctor check me for either of these conditions. It explains my ups and downs, my intolerance to cold, numbness in hands and feet. I also hve swelling in my hands and feet. If I fall asleep with rings on at night I have to get them cut of of my hand in the morning. Sometimes my heart races very fast and I do have anxiety when I am anxious or bored. My hair started to thin in the front. I can't sleep at night rather sleep in the day which my family doesn't like because they want to be with me while I am awake.
Kinkatia responded:
Congratulations! Your future is going to be an adventure! It's not one that you volunteered for, but that doesn't make it any less exciting.

That's how I look at it, anyway. It makes life seem a lot cheerier.

I suggest having a look around here, trying to find a primary care doctor who will work with you to find the right solutions to manage your symptoms, and going to the library and reading all the books they have on fibromyalgia. And that's just the start.

The thing about fibromyalgia is that it effects everyone differently. So you get to be your own doctor. Learn to listen to your body, figure out what makes your symptoms worse, what helps, and be prepared to make big lifestyle changes. Talk to people to get ideas for what you can try. Some people might suggest medications that they find help them, whereas someone like me will point you in the direction of dietary changes and herbal remedies.

But don't worry. Like I said, it's an adventure, but it's not one you're having alone. We're all in it with you, after all, even if our maps are different than yours. :)
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hello and Welcome to the FMily. I'm glad you were able to find us and I hope that you will stay with us. My name is Linda R. I have been a FMily member a year and a half and don't know what I would have done without it these past month.

I have had the fibro DX for over 30 years and have marveled at all the things that are now out there for those of us who have the DX. When I first got the DX I was in collage, married but no kids. I was devastated when I finally got the DX and the doctor put a name to my collection of illnesses: Fibrositis. Fibromyalgia is what it is called now.

But back then doctors did think it was in ones head and sent me off to a head doctor for a year and some months. When I got to sick to drive I just stopped going... and yup I was still sick. So some collage friends and I went looking for a name to the symptoms I was having. We found it in a book about RA and then I took that to the doctor. One exam later and I got the DX.

Having fibro can ruin a person's life, if you let "IT" that is. I nearly let it, thankfully good friends got me off the couch and back into collage course. I have had a pretty good life and don't think I've let fibro take too much away from me. Well except those 6 months early on that I waited to die. LOL

Anyway I pretty much have gone this illnesses alone until I found this site.. and what a God send it has been. So many wonderful and caring people. Such support and concern. And I get one thing from this site that I don't get in real time... Everyone here knows what I am talking about and they understand. You will find that to be the best thing about this site.

I hope you will stay with us. I hope to see more posts, replies, input and updates now that you are here and a member of the FMily. Travel along with us and let us hear from you. Having your input will help others with their journey with fibro.

Again, Welcome and make yourself right to home. :)
Linda R.
An_200121 replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
I'm sure the docs have done this, but have you had your thyroid checked? Many of the symptoms you listed sound like an imbalance in your thyroid (cold intolerance, hair loss, heart racing). I'm not saying you don't have FM--I, like everyone here, would be the last person to say that to someone--but maybe some of your symptoms could be coming from another source. And if there was another source, maybe some of those symptoms could be alleviated!

Anyway, just a thought.
squarley responded:
Sorry to hear you have this ,but we all understand here . Glad you have found out what you have. I am sure you have been put on vitamin D. Get your thyroid and b12 checked to if you have not had it checked. they can cause more pain for you. When you have Fibro, any thing else you have is worse for some reason and it can cause things like anxiety, acid reflux, IBS, RLS, headache's , so staying on top of things can help the way we feel. I hope you start feeling better soon, many hugs, Squarley
sexymamma12 replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
Hello Linda nice to meet you I am very glad I found this site because I am a person who doesn't tell people about my aches and pains I just get up an go kind of gal. But for the past year I can't get up and go as fast and when I finally get to sleep I pass out like I've taken a sleeping pill. Now at least I have people to turn to who are going through the same thing. I currently am a student and I have gotten certified in two different job careers but Now Im going into Law Enforcement and I hope my body can stand up to the task. Thanks for welcoming me to the family and I hope you have a happy and painless fourth of July.
sexymamma12 replied to An_200121's response:
I just had my thyroid checked and the levels were normal. I told my rhumatologist all of my symptoms and I kept a log and noted when my pain occured and how often. The time of day and I noted what kind of wheather we had on those days. He concluded Fibro and nothing else. All other levels were good except for the vitamin D. Also what pain meds can I take to help ease my pain. As we speak sitting at the computer is very painful to sit here and talk.
sexymamma12 replied to squarley's response:
Hi Squarley nice to meet you. Can you tell me what over the counter pain meds that you take to control pain? Tylenol does nothing nor Alieve. I don't want any prescriptions if I can help it. I eat a healthy diet, I exercise when I don't hurt, and I dring teas and V8 juice and lots of water. I go to the chiropractor which helps a lot. Thanks for understanding and listening have a nice 4th of july.
squarley replied to sexymamma12's response:
Wish I had more to add but I do not know of any more otc pain meds that might help, But there is a spay or roll on called stop pain a nd it does help me for a short while, ,do try heating pad and hot bath or shower, and massage with some one who knows about fibro also helps me alot, I take xanx for my anxiety and it does take my pain level down ,I take a very low dose. Hopefully some one will have more for you. You have the best day you can and enjoy the 4th also , thank you, many light hugs Squarley
sexymamma12 replied to squarley's response:
Thank you squarley I do take very warm showers and I use medicine such as Tylenol and Alieve but neither work. I have also just started taking long walks on the lake and this really relaxes me and soothes my pain without meds. Sometimes I work in my garden or write poems in my free time. I have been overcoming my negative with positive energy. Well gotta go have a nice holiday and thanks for the support.
sexymamma12 replied to An_200121's response:
Thanks for your replies and I hope you have a nice holiday and as painfree as possible.
angelldakota responded:
and everyone thought it was Hi Sexymomma... I am 52 and just found out I have FM about 2 yrs ago... I was chacing after 5 very active grand children for the 2 years before that when the symptoms were hitting me... depression because of a recent split with my husband... My daughter and I felt differently... We knew my depression very well for I am bipolar and depression with suicidal tendencies... and this was not it... NM just wouldn't believe it wasn't in my head... So I counseled and furthered my practice in meditation and furthered my lessons in self hypnosis... and almost had me convinced I was nuts...

Then due to my health getting worse and life giving my daughter problems I began to live with my son in AZ... the first Dr I went to dx me with FM... I have been quite a catch for our FM friend... lol... and FM I believe has had quite a struggle with me... I have my bad times... the past two months due to some other illnesses I have been bedridden more then not... I haven't been around for a few days again... But today I have been up catching up with friends... trying to read here and post when I can... I just try to not let it keep me down... And unless my FM and other illnesses don't get me to exhaustion I at least come to read and that at least keeps me knowing I am not alone... I do get to feel alone at times... but this group makes sure that they mention some of us is missing and they are praying or keeping us in their thoughts... I know I am not forgotten....
Just as I never forget those here..

I hope you stay here and get to know all the wonderful people here... Me too lol... I love making friends I just wish it was under better circumstances...

There is a lot you can do to fight this illness... Getting the right Dr to help you is important... someone who believes in FM and you... and perhaps a reumatologist... badly spelled I know lol.. they are the ones that treat alot of us... my pain management dr treats mine... he even treats my other chronic pain like it truly exists lol... which is proven by several mri's and cat scans and neurological exams here... but still they wonder why I say I am in such pain... Well add a bit of MS and FM and you may have a trip to live by too... sooooo funnnnn.... lol... but not impossible... believe me love... living with any illness one or many... is not impossible... just a challenge... a challenge we can survive... with the help of others like those here...

take care hun and we will talk soon... you are now in the right place...
When you need a friend, reach out to a stranger and you will have one. If you need help, help someone else. if you need to cry, find someone already crying and celebrate life. Love Jan
rudyandirmouse replied to sexymamma12's response:
Hello and Welcome, again. :) I'm glad you found us too. :) I know you will feel very comfortable here. There are so many wonderful and caring people on this site. I have been on the board a year and a half and am so glad about it.

It sounds like your doctor did all the things he needed to so he could rule fibro in and all other medical things out before giving you the fibro DX.

And honestly I hadn't thought to suggest a thyroid test because most doctors today check for that in the blood work. Coincidently, I go in tomorrow to see my Rheumatologist ( bi yearly ) and will be scheduling my yearly tests: blood work ( thyroid, Vit D scan, etc all other things they check for and even looking for signs of Lupus ) and bone density.

I was just going into my 30's when I got the fibro DX, but like I said I had symptoms going on for years before the DX. I was in collage, Education major, and I stopped doing much of anything for months before I got ' over "IT" " and got back to living my life. You sound as though you are going head on and Good For You! As for Law Enforcement sounds good and you know you better than anyone. Those that think they can, CAN. :)

OK, will let you go here so you can enjoy the holiday but you stay with us and post often.. now that your FMily we want to know how you are doing.

Linda R.

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