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    An_200122 posted:
    I have FM for 12 years, I have good and bad days as we all do. Here in the last few months I have endured several life changing events in my life and had to make some changes in my personal life to adjust to these events,.. Just in the last 2 to 3 weeks my memory has gotten VERY bad.
    My grandmother and mother had Alzheimer's and when I do this I am very terrified I wonder if I am loosing my mind. Does anyone else have memory problems that seem to come and go. This has disrupted my life greatly, never mind the fact that my nerves are shot from the stress of it...I am so scared..I will not even talk to my husband about this I am so afraid that it will be worse when I get up each morning. Does anyone feel this way?
    Kinkatia responded:
    I had some severe memory problems that lasted most of the last semester and greatly impacted my studies. I'm pretty sure I was at the point where I was experiencing legitimate cognitive dysfunction. It started out with forgetting I had someplace to be and then running late. I am never late, I loathe being late, and it was distressing. Then I got more and more forgetful as the weeks passed. Sometimes I'd forget what I was saying mid-sentence. I started having trouble remembering how to spell things, where I put my shoes (while I was living in a tiny dorm room, at that), and forgetting what someone had said to me minutes after they said it. For two weeks right in the middle of it, it was so bad that I can't remember anything I did. Those two weeks happened, but they are gone. Poof. Not there. It was really, really scary, especially since Alzheimer's does run in my family, and even though I'm still young, I do have this huge fear of losing my mind that way.

    But it got better. I tackled it head-on, found out what was causing the memory problems. For me, it was caffeine. I think. It could have just been chocolate in general, since that was where I got all my caffeine, but within days of cutting it completely from my diet, I found my memory getting better. I was also sleeping better, which sped along the process, I'm sure.

    Since then, I've been keeping a daily health and self-care journal, and noting my forgetfulness. It definitely comes and goes, some days worse than others. Thankfully nothing so bad as this past semester.

    It's definitely scary, and I think it would be a good idea to talk to your husband about it. I've found talking to someone always helps me deal with the scary stuff. Especially when I'm having memory problems that are getting in the way of trying to find a solution. I talked to my mom (a fellow fibromite) about it when my memory got bad, and she knew exactly what I was going through because it had happened to her once before, and knowing that really helped me be less scared.

    I do hope your memory improves soon! Until then, sticky notes. Sticky notes everywhere. ((gentle hugs))
    sarahnataliaserenity responded:
    yes. i'd say check with your doctor to make sure it's not something else but alzheimers is a slow disease so if you haven't really been slowly digressing then it's probably just the fibro. i kno that when i met someone new i don't remember their names until a while after i've known them. also with school i've memorized something and then i just blanked or set something down and then totally forgotten where i've put it until i see it. so don't worry too much and try post it notes :) good luck
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Oh, I can so relate! I forget what someone just said to me....this happens frequently. I know fibro affects my brain, because the other day at church, I was talking to someone and about to leave, and I was headed right for the glass wall. I honestly think I would've walked right into it, if this man hadn't been standing there holding the door open for me. He must've known what I was about to do, because he was sort of laughing. Now that scared me!

    I also think that stress amplifies these symptoms, and you said you've endured several life changing events recently. That can definitely make all fibro symptoms worse!

    I hope you realize you're not alone. But it's probably a good idea to talk it over with your husband. I find that when I'm really scared about something and talk to him about it, he always puts my mind at ease.

    Best of luck! Elizabeth
    fibroinsd responded:
    I would double check to see if any medications you are on can cause these problems...I do think Lyrica has this as a side effect...

    I hope you figure out what is causing it...

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    vic711 responded:
    My memory is definitely not what it used to be, and there are times when it gets worse. I agree with Cece, about checking the meds you are on right now. When I was on Lyrica, my partner took me to the ER because I couldn't even remember my birthday I was so confused.

    I can see how you'd be concerned about Alzheimer's as it runs in your family. I don't know your age (and I won't ask lol) but speak with your doctor AND your husband about these fears.

    Fear has a way of eating you alive when it's kept in the dark. Hope all gets better for you... lots of hugs coming your way


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