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    Completely Frustrated and Wondering if I Should See a Naturopathic Doctor
    TakeALoadOff posted:
    Hello there!

    This is my first discussion on here. I have been reading all the messages over the past several weeks and am comforted to read that I am not the only one suffering from FM.

    No one in my life seems to understand me or my struggles. I feel very alone due to my chronic pain, trouble sleeping, decreased mood and the fatigue. I have always felt like the black sheep. People tend to think I am antisocial, stuck up, always sick, depressed, not outgoing, boring, a home body.... The list goes on! I feel that I am always needing to explain myself.

    Over the past 20 years with having had more bad days versus good days, FM has made me become pretty isolated and now at present without any girlfriends. I simply cannot keep up with anybody. I often have to back out of things, arrive late, leave early or simply say no a lot of the time as I am feeling not great. I do not have much evergy so I feel I need to pick and choose wisely the activities that I take part in. I have always tended to relate better with older people. I often refer to myself as a young women trapped in an old womens body. This makes me feel sad, as I am 36 years young.

    I am at a point where my body hurts so badly, that getting anything done is a huge effort. My main form of excercise used to be walking, but am now at a point where my feet, ankles and knees hurt so damn bad, that I can hardly stand it. I hobble around most of the time. My forms of excercise these days is riding my bike and using my eliptical trainer. As for the weight gain from the meds, I feel I am in a catch 22. It hurts so bad most days to do anything, let alone excercise. Getting out of bed or out of a chair├ęcouch is difficult and uncomfortable. I have to be on these meds for the pain, to improve my sleep and mood, but I am getting heavier by the day. I am also very sensitive to all the symptoms of the prescription medication. The meds increase my appetite and slow down my metabolism. I do not feel good in any of my clothes. Most are too small or worn between the thighs. I do not want to go clothes shoppping and have to go up yet another size or even go out much, as I am embarrassed of my weight. I feel pretty stuck.

    FM affects every part of my life. My relationships, work, excercise, personal time, sleep, family time... I take each day and night as it comes. I find thats all I can do, as looking at the bigger picture is too overwelming. I am considering seeing a Naturopathic doctor. Any comments from anyone would be helpful.

    Thank you,

    maggiethedoglover responded:
    Welcome Annie,

    You have found a site where you van share your pain, your frustrations, your depression and your fibro life and we will understand and stand with you.FM affects all of our lives too so we understand. If one of us does not get a particular frustration of your life, there is another who will.

    Please take the time to explore the site, to fill out your community profile and continue to read as you have been doing.

    We understand and stand with you.

    Soft hugs to you :)

    Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
    jrae922 responded:
    Hi Annie,

    I am right there with you, on all accounts. There is nothing in my life that is not affected by FM. I have been on Cymbalta and Lyrica for 2 1/2 years, and have gained almost 50lbs. When I try to lose the weight, the scale hardly budges at all, which makes me feel depressed and I tend to comfort myself with food. It's a vicious cycle. Just know this - many of us with FM struggle with our weight. It's just part of the many issues we have, and it's not easy.

    As far as Naturopathic medicine, I don't have any experience. You should try it because what may not work for some may work for YOU. It's always worth a shot.


    acozy responded:
    It's silly how a discussion board can make you feel like you're not alone, but this posting really tug on my heartstrings. I know what you're going through, and having been a dancer and athlete in my past/former FM life, the frustration that comes along with weight gain/loss and exercise is overwhelming. The first thing I would say is that your doctors should work on your prescription medications. You are still in incredible amounts of pain, with restricted mobility and gaining weight. It doesn't seem like there are many good reasons to keep you on the medicinal mixture you have right now. There are many medicines, both on-label and off that help the pain of fibromyalgia, and there may be others that will give you relief without the same side-effects. There are even some neuro-meds that have weight-loss as a side effect, which would be the best ones to investigate!

    On the exercise end, stretching is tantamount. Make sure you stretch before and after your bike riding and elliptical, since FM muscles are so prone to tension (and pain). I am a big fan of yoga, but not the yoga that's done in big classes. While I would love to do those, I never know how my body will be doing and if I can do all the poses. There are some really great DVDs that tailor yoga for every problem area, and even have ones that are all sitting... on the couch! This is great for when your lower extremities are really acting up, and not only will you get some exercise but you'll relax.

    I am not a big fan of naturopathic doctors even though I love yoga, healthy eating, and everything that seems to go with them. Fibromyalgia is a real disease, and throwing out all your medicines (which they will ask you to do) and switching to a regimen of supplements and teas is not going to treat it. Adding that spirit to your life by adding more green tea (love it!) and some vitamins would probably be my first step. If you can't exercise, pay more attention to your diet.

    FM affects my entire life, along with the other medical conditions I have. The hardest part can be other people not taking FM seriously, and treating me as such. Don't treat yourself that way either, empower yourself and do as much as you can in whatever shape you may be in. Its really hard to stay positive, but in the end being negative will only make the situation worse.

    Good luck!
    WickettWI responded:
    I can definately relate Annie! I am only 30, and I have been having multiple medical issues since the age of 15. I feel I can relate to so much that you described in your post! I myself feel isolated a lot of the time, as I don't have really any girl friends, and no one understands what I/we are going through. I am very sensitive to a lot of medications, and I currently take Topirimate for my migraines, in which is the only one that I have had no reactions to, and that is also a medication that will make you lose weight, so you need to be monitored while taking it.

    I did start to gain weight a while back because I could not exercise due to the pain, but I would take short walks with my dog as much as I could, and I also started really watching my diet. I started eating a lot of whole wheat and whole grains, and I really did notice a difference, and I felt a little better too. I lost 20lbs! I also stayed away from greasy foods as much as possible, but hey you also have to eat and spoil yourself once in a while!, and I started taking a multivitamin, and vitamin d everyday too. As the others have said, you need to re-evaluate your meds, and maybe your doctor as well and find something that works for you, because after all, you need to take care of number 1 : )

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