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Happy 4th, Everyone!
NeNe_11 posted:
I hope everyone here had a wonderful 4th of July spent with family & friends. I enjoyed the day, but as it always is anytime I go anywhere, I am completely pooped out by the time I get home! I know you all can relate.

God Bles America and God Bless each & everyone of you.........

Booch007 responded:
I just posted on FB..." and the rockets red glare....the bombs bursting in air. Gave proof to the night....("Aren't fireworks illegal in NY?) that the recession has not stopped people fro partying !!!

OMG, my house was rocking*. Those M*) or maybe even M!))'s by the way they sounded were OMG !!!

I am so glad I don't have a dog. They are so frightened. The cat was with me when I got home and slept on my lap, then the M* whatevers got her. Bolted to hide and never saw her til 2am.........poor thing. Even I jumped.

Ate too much, rested though. My SIL's did the cooking and I sat wit Olivia coloring. Good day.

I hope all of you are safe and sound.

Haven't seen you Nene for a bit. Hoping all is well. Nancy B
NeNe_11 replied to Booch007's response:
Hi Nancy......Thanks for noticing that I have not been around much. I feel pretty rotten both physically & mentally. I feel like the fibro has won over m life & the exhaustion is just too great for me to fight. I dont want to be a negative poster & bring others down, so Ive been staying away. Plus, both of my parents are ill so Ive been helping out where that is concerned.
This is my 1st 4th, in 15 years, without my dogfriend....she HATED the fireworks too! They completely agitated her so her & I would "bunker" down in the closet with my pillow & her favorite blanket & toy squirrel!!! I miss her.
rudyandirmouse replied to Booch007's response:
Nancy B. Gosh it sounds as if you were in a war zone :( I know when I lived in Los Angeles it was like a war zone on New Year's Eve and on the 4TH of July. I never got used to how bad the kids and adults were with fireworks.

I didn't live in the rich area of the San Fernando Valley so I was always amazed at the expensive rocket bombs that went over head for hours and hours.

Glad though you were able to get some peace and quiet and sleep. I heard fireworks this afternoon and wondered how was it possible for kids to want to set them off in the middle of the day. Where the heck was the parent?? Anyway I am guessing that more will set off tonight as the firework tents are still up and selling fireworks. At 50% off no less. Ugrr.

Glad you got 'play' time with Olivia and enjoyed your day.
Linda R.

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