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Is fibromyalgia an auto- immune disease?
BakoSteve posted:
Does anyone know if fibromyalgia is classified as an auto-immune disease? I have a few already and was wondering if this is part of the same family. Thank you for any help,

ctravlngrl responded:
I was first diagnosed with an over-active immune system, thought to be Lupus... upon further testing found out I did not have Lupus but Fibromyalgia. So, in answer to your question, yes Fibromyalgia is in the auto-immune disease category. ~Corrine
Kinkatia replied to ctravlngrl's response:
I've always been told that it's not auto-immune. Even the rheumatologist who diagnosed me said as much. A lot of the symptoms are like those of auto-immune diseases like lupus, but that doesn't necessarily put fibromyalgia in the same category. I mean, the flu also shares a lot of the same symptoms.

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