Anyone have EYE PROBLEMS?
sexymamma12 posted:
I have bad vision at night which prevents me from driving at night. I also can't see far which was detected when I was 16 years old. As of last year and this year I have floaters in the left eye that make me crazy and the eye doctor says I have to just live with them. Can fibro make these eye conditions worse? If anyone has anything to add to this I would love to hear about it. Still not sleepy at night so I will be on website for a little while. Talking to everyone helps me relieve my stress.
Kinkatia responded:
I don't think fibro can make any of those worse, but I'm no expert, so I may be wrong.

I do know, however, that both I and my mother have this annoying problem where our eyesight changes slightly when we're in a flare, and our eyes are really sensitive, so a prescription that's off just a smidge causes awful headaches. :\

As for night vision, my mother's has always been terrible, and mine is fantastic, so our combined experiences don't really point towards fibro having anything to do with it.

Hope you destress and are able to get to sleep soon!
squarley responded:
Fibro can cause eye problems,blurry vision and night blindness, make you sensitive to light and can cause headaches, I wear sunglasses even in the house in the summer. Many hugs Squarley