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Can anyone help me??
Dutch508 posted:
Hi Everyone,
I have had Fibro for over 17 years now and recently, the past 3 years, it has gotten out of control and not just a flare that tend to go ease, but this has stayed. The last year has be incredibly painful.
I am an award-winning dancer/choreographer/teacher, at very intensive arts program.
I can not get any Dr. to understand that the pain in my feet is so bad I can not walk well most of the time and that for what I do as a dancer/teacher it is making my life/my job very difficult. I have also had IV lidocaine treatments which tend to help for a bit. But the pain in my feet, sternum and thorasic spine is now so bad, I can get through work, barely, and I can not do much else.
My days can be teaching from 9am-10pm at night, for many months straight including classes and rehearsals. I shouldn't have to give up my life to this, these DRs. should be able to help me, but I have reserved nothing but drugs, that I am allergic to and one Dr. shoving me off to another and Drs. suggesting I give up some of my work. Well, I can not when this is my living. And why should I stop my passion for Drs. who are sick of dealing with me and find my case hard?
If anyone has any suggestions for this pain in my feet, sternum and spine, I would appreciate it. I meditate and de-stress as much as I can, but I have to say this pain is wearing me down.
Thank you.
mrahoe responded:
hello and welcome dutch508

im sorry i dont have any nor dose anyone else here have a quick fix . . if we did there would not be a reason for this group. and not everyone is the same so what helps one person might not help the next. . its a trial and error thing. .

about the best you can hope for is to find something that will calm things down a little. . you should look to the right side of this page to the tips. .

also im posting a few links for you so you will better understand what all of us seem to go thru and maybe you can print them out and share with others. .

after 17 yrs i would have thought you would have come to terms with the fact that your life is going to change and your not going to be able to do all that you have done before.. . i know its a very hard pill to swallow tyrust me i know i was a workoholic truck driver who has not worked in over 5 yrs and have been in a wheelchair for 3 . . im still working on accepting it but i know its all i can do now . . but i greave each and every day. .

im sure others will be by to say hello and add what they can

one of the few men of the group

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.--Dr. Suess
Booch007 responded:
Don't know if this helps but. My sister works in a health spa and she examined my a holistic way.

I had developed crystal build up in and around the tendons. SO painful thought I was walking on stones. She broke them up with her fingers and massage...VERY PAINFUL to be done.

I was to flush and I have drank so much water since then (2years now) and I was re-examined last year and this year. Had 2 crystals she dealt with this year. I am a nurse and on my feet all day. I chanage to a different shoe each day to just shift the muscles a bit...and challenge myself.

I would try a good spa or nail salon to have you feet massaged and checked. If you jump off the chair...that is it. IT IS fixable. deep massage breaking them up and water and flushing your body will be the best for you.

Hope my little story helps for the feet.

Thoracic spine and sternum....costrochondritis?? I am not going there.

Best of luck in feeling better. MAybe another Fmily member has hints........Nancy B
Dutch508 replied to Booch007's response:
Hello John and Nancy,

Thank you so very much for your responses.
I know after having this for 17 years, which actually it is 19 years, it seems odd that I am still fighting to maintain my life and career as normal as possible. It is my passion and without it, I am only 1/2 me.
And through dance and meditation I did maintain a good life for about 6 -8 years of that 19, no meds during that time. In fact, even when I was first told I had this, I was only only meds for a few years and realized I needed something else. That and all the medicines I tried I was allergic too. So through exercise and classes and performing, and getting much sleep, I did well. Oh I had horrible flare ups, but I got through them, and pushed to the other side of the pain, as my doctors said I should. It is such a mind game huh?

That is why these past years has been so devastating. I am still allergic to the meds and I am worse than ever. And yes, I have costiochronitis and have for most of those 19 years. Have had injections, etc.

I am not looking for a quick fix, trust me I know better but I have been in this pain level of consistently for over a year now and no doctor seems to be able to help me. The IV Lidos do help, but my work is so active, it doesn't seem to last too long. I am lucky that my one job understands and I can take a day here and there if I need to, I have been there 18 years.
I am not giving up my career for this, I just need someone to help me ease the pain in my feet so I can walk and dance again. The spine and sternum, well, not sure what can be done. I tried to take a ballet class yesterday, as I have a cream compound I am trying on my feet, but only lasted 1/2 the class, very depressing. But at least I was there right?

Thank you again for your advice John and Nacny, I will look into everything you suggested.


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