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seems like the drug cymbalta 30mg is helping my fibro pain
theorymae posted:
just started taking cymbalta 30mg for my fibro flare up and it it working for me now. i was so bad i could not take the pain all over my body, the stiffness was horrible. i have never had it this bad in the almost ten years since i found out what it was. has anyone else used this drug? and what have your results been?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
I'm glad this medication is helpful to you.

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fibroinsd responded:
Cymbalta was very helpful to me....It is one of those drugs, that either works for you or it doesn't....Some people have had problems, but for people like me...It was great. I didn't notice much at 30 mg, but at 60mg, it really helped. I stayed on it for about a year and a half...then I found I was sleeping way too much...and I ended up stopping it. As long as it is helping you....that is great...Just pay attention to changes, and if you notice any side effects...then talk to your doc...
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13Lynn responded:
I take Cymbalta - I just increased to 60mg. The 30 mg helped some. It just made me really sick when I first started it. Now with the increase to 60 I'm sick again. By the end of the week I should be good. Just becareful what pain meds you take with Cymbalta - pay attention to any changes in your body. I keep a journal because I can't remember anything -
Good luck!
Mamamia777 responded:
Hi! I started with 30mg of Cymbalta and it worked for a month or two, then I went up to 60mg and it worked for another month or two. My doctor said that 90mg wouldn't be any better than 60mg and she was right, it didn't. So now back to the doctor as my fibro pain is getting worse.

Cymbalta only gave me one side effect. It stopped my colon completely! Dr. said that you can use Mirlax every day, so that solved that problem. It does help my depression though. Good luck!
theorymae replied to 13Lynn's response:
thx for the info l3Lynn, i am not so sure the cymbalta is really helping me now. i do not want to increase the dose, i really cannot affort this pill. i do not know what to do. i cannot remember anything either. i write down everything, isn't it awfun not to remember. good luck.
theorymae replied to fibroinsd's response:
hi fibroinsd, thx for the info. i am not at all sure the cymbalta 30mg is helping me like i thought it was. i really cannot afford this pill anyway. i just don't know what to do anymore. it is awful to hurt this way and not to remember things. i have started to write everything down. i am going to try water exercises, it helped once before. i just hate being so stiff and hurting. but what can ya do??? good luck to you too.

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