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fibro flare up
theorymae posted:
i just hurt all over and the stiffness never goes away. i pretty much always hurt , but if i can do something fun like painting i can forget most of the time. but lately i could not enjoy anything in my life, i just ccried and cried it was definately affecting my normal every day life. and the fatigue was so bad i could do nothing. this was my wakeup call to go to a rumatolagist. never went before cause i was too scared what they would find with all the blood tests, but did not have a choice. and i am glad i went. i did not have lupus or ra but he did give me samples of a drug cymbalta used for depression and diabetic leg pain, and so far it is really helping me cope. i did not want to take it because of the side effects but i could not do it alone anymore. water theraphy helps but would not work this time. i had to try something and i am so glad it did. feel so sorry for all of you it is awful and the memory fog is bad too. take care and be good to yourself. love to all.
maggiethedoglover responded:
It sounds like you need something for depression also. When I was first diagnosed, I would sit in my doctor's office and cry and then told her I didn't need anything for depression as I had a good reason to be dpressed. She told me it didn't matter if I had a reson, I needed the medication and it has helped.

I am so sorry that you hurt all over and that the stiffness never goes away. These are, unfortunately, symptoms that most of us experience. You can take meds to reduce your pain and stiffness. If Cymbalta works for you, great. It didn't for me. I am taking Lyrica for the FM and Tramadol to help with the everyday pain. I find that I have to stay ahead of the pain in order to avoid a flare (see other posts for definitions). I also take Hydrocodone several times a week when nothing else helps.

Have to quit typing now as my back is starting to tighten up.

Soft hugs,

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