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Any Fibro Sufferers Who are still Runners?
dslinsc posted:
Hi all,

I used to love to walk/run but I had to stop several years ago because the fibro would almost always flare up.

I really miss it and want to get back into it again.

I am thinking about buying a good set of running shoes and trying it again.

Anyone doing this and could you offer me any tips?

Thank you!
maggiethedoglover responded:
Hi there,

I was never much of a runner but I could power walk a mean 4 miles. I was doing 12.5 minute miles. As recently as 2 years ago, 2 mile walks with my dog were possible. However, walking now hurts my hips, back, knees, feet and legs. I still do it, weather (can't walk in the heat) and pain permitting, but my pace is much slower and a mile is my current limit.

I have always worn proper shoes and I also have custom orthodics for a heel spur.

I also take Glucosomine, Chondriotin and MSM regularly and sometimes an anti-inflammatory before walking.

Satrt short and slow as you can always go farther and faster but you can't take back an injury.

Hope you can get back into your sport as exercise helps on so many levels.

By the way, I am 66 years old so that is also working against me and probably not you.

Good luck.

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats - Voltaire
Anon_10089 responded:
I've never been a runner--other than having to run in high school. Running never felt good to me, but I've had FM since childhood so that's probably why it hurt even when I was just a teenager.

However, I am now starting to run. I've been active for a few years. I've been doing elliptical and spinning workouts and also I indoor rock climb so I'm not completely out of shape.

I've opted to start running using minimalist shoes. I don't automatically recommend this to everyone but I have always been someone who is barefoot most of the time. I hate shoes and especially socks. I always wear flat flip flops and even in the winter, I usually wear flat slip-ons with no socks. So when I saw minimalist shoes I decided to get a pair. When I've ran in them, I don't have the pain I used to, in my hips and upper back.

I'm having to ease into running very slowly, slower than I want to. I'm in decent shape so I have to stop running even if I still could. My legs have taken the biggest hit and my pain levels have definitely been higher. But I don't want the FM to slow me down.

I've found exercise, running or otherwise, has helped me overall. I probably am in more pain but my energy levels are higher and it feels good for my body to do something good for me, for a change.

My suggestion is to ease back into running very slowly. Maybe try to run on grass instead of packed dirt or concrete. And if it ends up putting you into too much pain, find something else to enjoy. I love the elliptical and I also enjoy spinning. Those are way less impact than running.

I hope you're able to run or find something that works!
NeNe_11 responded:
I used to log 40 miles per week running-fibro stopped me dead in my tracks! I was able to power walk 3 miles walk my dog 2x's a day about a mile & a half each time & that had to stop due to the pain as well. Now I get no cardio of any type-just light weights , crunches & stretches. Walking is just to painful now. It stinks because I was always athletic-never sedentary. I hope you can find a way to get in your cardio , as once you become sedentary for so long it is very hard to overcome.
dslinsc replied to NeNe_11's response:
Thanks all of you who replied.

I might start out with gentle slow walks and hopefully progress from there.

The pain I had in past that caused me to stop running was not only in my back and legs, but also in my neck, which progressed to a terrible headache. It lasted a week and I've been afraid to run again because it was awful.

However, I miss the exhilaration of running and the natural endorphins you get from it. (which I need so desperately!)

I had getting more sedentary and the doctor kept telling me to exercise but I don't think he quite got it that it HURT and seemed to do more harm than good.

But for my overall health, I'll start again but do it in a pair of good pair of running/walking shoes. My feet don't actually do that well barefoot, unfortunately, I have to have some sort of cushion or I will pay for it! (Prone to "sprains" as well or at least they feel like sprains.)

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