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In bed
Schrode posted:
I have been in bed with pain off and on since 3 today. I have been struggling to stay awake and watch/listen to the kids. I wish I could be up for them. I cannot wait to escape into sleep and forget this pain for awhile.

sparkyar responded:
First know that you are not alone..I struggle everyday to force myself to get up just to make it through the day. I often end up at some point and time sleeping during the day, Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who when I first became sick was with me, and he knows the struggles I am going through. I feel so bad that I cut back the "fun" for him and don't get to get out often for "family" things. But I do what I can, and that is all anyone with FM can do..sending you soft hugs and prayers of good pain free healing sleep. I truly believe that God knows our pain and how we feel, he has a special plan for those of us who travel on through the pain...God Bless
fibrosux responded:
I can SOOOO relate to your pain. I feel as though I have been in bed for about a year now. And I'm not even joking. Sure, I get up now and then, try to sweep now and then, try to do something now and then but it's always....back to bed!

I was just sitting here looking out the window on this beautiful day and thinking that I am only 43 years old. Is this the rest of my life?

My husband had been very supportive for the first year as well, but since I have been in so much pain and confided to him about that, he has confessed that he does get sick of hearing it. That shattered my heart. I haven't been able to work since August.

Oh dear, I'm sorry. I like this site because it is positive and talks about our solutions. Ok, I did go to a Water Aerobic's class yesterday for the entire class and it felt good to get out of the house (I am on long term disability from job)

Selena :(
pcfulone responded:
I'm sorry it's been so rough and we all can relate. I just came through a 3 week period where I could not function at all. I'm not sure where you live but as I was venting here, someone told me the humidity could be the cause. Like Selena, I too like this site so we can come together and complain to each other who actually relate to our circumstances. I don't talk about it much at home and I try to keep my grunting when I get up from sitting too long to a minimum. I don't want to be a complainer but honestly, someone who does not have fibro just doesn't have a clue. I wish you better days to come quickly. - Lori
NeNe_11 responded:
This is how I live my days out-longing for 9:30pm to get here so I can take a hot shower & take my Ambien & know my body will be relaxed & in less pain for an hour & a half before going to sleep for the night. Many nights I am awakened with leg pains but I do enjoy sleep throughout the night pretty often.

Its so sad to live out one's days hoping to sleep to avoid feeling pain............

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