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Funny feeling in my head
NeNe_11 posted:
I was wondering if anyone else out there in fibroland has constatnt dizziness & a heavy feeling head? I take alot of ibuprofin & was wondering if it coulf be from those? Its like I never feel fully awake. I drink 3 or 4 cups of tea in the morning but it does not really make a difference in feeling awake. Arrggh.........just one more funky feeling in this messed up body of mine!
I hope everyone is having a low- pain & happy day,
CnDlu70 responded:

I too have alot of problems with dizziness..I also have a feeling like my brain actually flutters..I know it sounds strange..but it's true..It tends to happen worse when I'm in a really bad yesterday..with extreme weakness too..

At first I thought maybe it was my meds..but remembering back I had this before I was dx and before I was on meds..I wonder if it's just one more problem of Fibro...any suggestions anyone?
NeNe_11 replied to CnDlu70's response:
I thought the dizziness may be from the various meds as well.
FibroMitz responded:
I was just wondering why you are taking Ibuprophen? Do you have inflammation? Ibuprophen is really hard on your stomach and liver. Please be careful with it. Are you taking anything else other than Motrin?
Mitz in Idaho
squarley replied to FibroMitz's response:
I to have dizziness glad to know I am not the only one,it makes me weak and sick to my stomach,My head feels wierd.I only take tylenol and xanx in small doses.I wonder what Dr. P would have to say,I will post the question. Any one else have this to.. thought maybe this hot weather was bring it on. But I have had it for years. many hugs Squarley
NeNe_11 replied to FibroMitz's response:
I take them for daily headaches. I have been taken them all of my life. I know they are tough on the stomach & liver but I cant stand the headaches.

I take the following:propranolol, nortriptyline, zolpidem, gabapentin daily. I take maxalt to stop migraines as needed. Once in a while I take a tramodol.

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