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vinnie02 posted:
Just wondering if anyone taking Lyrica has had it affect their speech. I have been on it once a day for a while and in the afternoons I get tired and my eyes are so heavy they droop. I notice that is when I start to stutter a little and slur my speech. My pain was worse than normal a few week's ago and my Dr. told me to take another Lyrica in the mornings.
After the second day I began slurring and stuttering and had trouble finishing a sentence and by the weekend I sounded as though I was drunk or had a stroke. Also my eyes were twitching and jerking. I began to FEEL like I was slightly drunk. I stopped taking it completely for about 5 day's convinced I would not be taking ANY more medication...but the pain was so bad and I was not sleeping well so I started back on the one a day. I started slightly with the slurring/stuttering again in the late afternoons but not bad.
My Dr. told me to stay on it but take Tramadol on the day's I felt like I needed something more. Has anyone else had this happen? I only take 75 mgs. normally. I am five ft. 7 and about 121 lbs. It kind of scares me that this happened. Had my eyes checked and CAT scan and all were normal.

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