thedishie posted:
Is there a connection between fibro & blackouts or feinting?
Anon_2912 responded:
I have never heard of it being related, then again, I am sure someone will say yes it is a symptom.

Fibro has over 100 symptoms so when everything else is excluded then it is said "FM related"....
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Thedishie,

Dr. P says that dizziness and feeling like fainting can sometimes be part of having Fibromyalgia (click here to read what he says) but if you are blacking out/fainting, please see you medical provider to find out what's causing this. Never assume a new symptom is part of the same condition.
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Pixe5 responded:
Hi the dishie,

Some meds can cause problems like that and also drug interactions. I got into trouble mixing cogentin with an OTC anti-histamine. You might want to ask your doc or pharmacist about any possible interactions.

Dyanne48jj replied to Pixe5's response:
I miss you!
I have been 'out' looking for you.
Are you coming back to your other home soon, i hope
Dyanne48jj responded:
If you are in one of the many hot spots, then the weather could be effecting your blood pressure.
I have low bp and if I get too hot, it will bottom out, and that happens to me.
For peeps w high bp, heat can even be worse.
catpug responded:
Yes, there is with me anyway. I was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic Syncope, after I had fainted twice, once in a restaurant while sitting in a chair and another time when I was leaving a basketball game. This diganosis came after a complete cardiac workup, several weeks after I had been diagnosed with fibro. It is a symptome of fibro, but it's not a common symtpom. My blood pressure and pulse drop when I'm out in the heat. Treatment for me is to increase my salt intake, drink lots of water and Gatorade. I keep a blood pressure close since it is so hot in Texas!