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    Is it true?
    FibroMitz posted:
    Is it true that if you have FM now that you will likely be Dx or your body will develop Lupus later on in life??

    Hi everyone! Happy Monday. It poured really hard this morning and left us this afternoon feeling muggy-Blah!
    This past Friday I was not feeling well at all! I was achy all over-from head to toe!

    I went home a half a day early and went to the clinic. Found out I had strep throat! Got a shot in my hip!

    Then, later on that night, I couldn't move or walk without assitance from my walker. Finally around 10:30pm my hubby took me to the ER and the doctor there asks me where I hurt. I told him that the pain was from head to toe! That I have Fibromyalgia.

    Then he did the most awfullest thing a doc can do-he grabbed my shoulders and squeezed! "Does it hurt when I do this?! I just held my breath! He caught me off guard! It was like he gave me a death grip, like the one that Cptn Kirk would give an alien! Yeah those ones!

    I just buckled over and (still holding my breath) nodded my head "yes". After he noticed that his grip was painful, he let go and I finally caught my breath and just cried!! He apologized. Then he ordered me two shots: one for the pain (DILAUDID) and the other for nasea (Phengran).

    I thought "Holy Hannah, didn't I just tell him I was in pain ALL OVER?!" I so wanted to die right there in that ER room that night.

    Well, the pain wasn't over just yet. The two shots, I thought for sure, were gonna kill me! His death grip was nothing compared to the two shots I received!

    After all was said and done, I was sent home....I left the hospital battered, bruised and poked. At last, I was gonna receive some relief!

    I cried myself to sleep that night. Not only from pain of the "death grip" and the burning shots but the thought of MY Fibromyalgia being hereditary and that my two little boys MIGHT develop Fibro and them having to live in pain like mommy.....That, in itself, is heartbreaking.

    They are the ONLY reason I keep on keeping on. If it weren't for my boys, I would have DONE myself in a long time ago-like when I first got diagnosed!

    -Mitz in Idaho-
    linsuemo responded:
    Hi Mitz, I can totally relate to your misery. I have had Fibro and Chronic Fatigue for about 20 years now. I have elevated autoimmune antibodies which could indicate something like Lupus or one of those type diseases but the other tests to confirm are always negative. The answer to your question is no. You will not get Lupus just because you have Fibro. I know it is hard to go from one day to the next but try to hang in there and know your bodies limits. I have heart palpitations where my heart will just race all of a sudden, or it will beat irregular, panic attacks, stomach that always is bothering me, hurt everywhere, can't sleep, thyroid nodule, and my back part of my mouth burns all the time. Afternoons are especially bad for me. I also have very low blood pressure and stay on my feet long. I get very upset especially in the afternoon and feel like I can't make it thru every day feeling like this, but I try to keep positive and think that it has to get aliitle better. Hang in there.
    FibroMitz replied to linsuemo's response:
    Thank you Linsuemo for replying. If that wasn't bad enough! My employer asked me this past Friday what my plans were. My plan, I guess keep working-Right?

    Well, she explained to me that due to my excessive absences, due to my illness, maybe I should concentrate more on my health. I explained to her that I have good days but more bad days. She said she fully understands (due to the fact that her sister has Lupus) but at the end this is a "business" and they (the company) needs me here.

    So, in other words, I need to hit the road!

    I am a receptionist at a police dept. here on our reservation. It can get busy but the majority of the time it is slow. Yes, I am the first person that the community see's-cool, but it's not like I am the only person up front. I work with and in the records dept. and she can easily be at the window in like a few seconds. But I do see her point of view.

    I did look into short-term disability, but she (my supervisor) asked if I would come back from that short-term leave at 100% effective and ready to work. Soory chica, Fibromyalgia is CHRONIC, I explained to her. I am no longer 100%. Don't get me wrong, I can get my butt to work on time but when I'm in pain, I'M IN PAIN!! It's hard to get people to understant our pain. So I guess I'm gonna stay here as long as I can. I have the time for the leave it's just that my supervisor needs me here. Understandable.

    I've been putting in for different jobs, I'm just waiting to here back for an interview.

    So I'm hoping I get this one job that's a Supervisor position. I know, I'm pressing my luck, but I have to try. I can't imagine NOT WORKING! This job does a lot of walking. Whew, that just sounds exhausting. LOL!

    The supervisor's don't work the graveyard shift but they may have to work till one in the morning. Great cuz that's when I usually start winding down!

    I just can't be let go from a job-AGAIN! My last job let me go due to my illness. BUT since I work on a reservation, we are considered a "sovereign nation" so the outside worlds' rules don't apply to us on the rez. We have our own rules. Sometimes I think the rules are made up as we go along. That's just me.... :o)

    What should I do? Stay till I have to be thrown out or bow out with what dignity I have left?

    I told my supervisor I do plan on being here, but my body says something else.

    Lemme know what you think.. -Mitz in Idaho-
    angelswife replied to FibroMitz's response:
    Hi Mitz,
    It might be time to listen to your body for a while. I've found out the hard way that if I don't listen to it, it will force me to. Sometimes I have to work within my limitations in order to move past them. Probably not what you want to hear, I know, but I don't want you to learn this lesson the same way I did. ((((Hugs))))
    FibroMitz replied to angelswife's response:
    Angelswife: If you don't mind me asking, what was the lesson that you learned from?
    So is my employer asking me,in a nice way, to bow out BEFORE I'm thrown out?
    My supervisor says that I could still get unemployment for having to leave employment due to a medical condition. Unemployment doesn't quite cover all the bills.
    I guess I hate to face the fact that I am no longer employable. Is that the correct word I am looking for?
    How do I go about filing for disability? Will I be fighting that for years on end? I hate that word, "Denied"! I even looks bad typed out!
    OUr rodeo is coming up next week and I am in charge of the Gates (where people pay to get in) and I don't know if my body can hang in there for the whole weekend.
    Last year I was eight months pregnant and didn't have all the symptoms of Fibro. But Fibro is back and with a VENGEANCE! I hate to let our committee down BUT we will see when that time rolls around.
    LIke you said, "Listen to your body".
    I also (on top of everything else) have carpel tunnel syndrome in my left hand. I go in the 17th for that electric nerve test but more than likely I have to have surgery.
    What I was wondering is IF this surgery will make my fibro worse than it already is? Can it get worse? Hope someone, ANYONE out there can help me with all my questions.
    Thanks "Angelswife" for your response.
    Mitz in Idaho

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